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  1. mmissile

    WTB AM Radio

    Got one from my ragtop. Worked when pulled 30 years ago. Message me.
  2. mmissile

    Hello from Central Michigan

    Welcome from Motown..
  3. mmissile

    John Wick movie (#4) has a scene with a Cuda

    I grow weary of all the gratuitous killing in movies.
  4. mmissile

    1970 Hemi Challenger 1 of 1 - Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle 7/15/22

    I was across the aisle. Nice Challenger, for sure.
  5. mmissile

    What were your favorite E bodies seen at Carlisle '22?

    I liked the purple AAR next to me from Sweden, and the beige Challenger. I'm recovering from surgery...so didn't get a chance to look at much.
  6. mmissile

    Comment by 'mmissile' in item '1974 Barracuda drag-car.'

    Sold it. No VINs=no driving.
  7. Mom's `cuda

    Mom's `cuda

    See thread. " Mom's cuda...a long time coming.
  8. mmissile

    FOR SALE W2 race

    Please PM me. I can't contact you, as it says I have 25 conversations. I don't think I've 25 since being on the board???
  9. mmissile

    Ma's `cuda. A long time coming.

    200+ miles of this, before arriving and repairs. It was splitting as we hit big dips...
  10. mmissile

    Ma's `cuda. A long time coming.

    Thank you, it worked well. It was a pleasure talking you two, and It's always great to meet people from boards. I met a couple more.
  11. mmissile

    Selfridge Air-Show 7-10-22

    Yeah, Obummer killed the 22. It's appears to be a superior aircraft than the 35. The pilot did a tail-stand for a 1/4 mile, then straight up. Crazy power and abilities. The F-15 is still an amazing aircraft. Power to spare.
  12. mmissile

    Selfridge Air-Show 7-10-22

    My wife, my friend, and I volunteer to help at the airshow every time they have one. It's been a few years, but got back into the golf-cart for civilian transport. After the show had ended and we had vacated everybody, I went back to the F-22's. They had taken the perimeter rope down, as they...
  13. mmissile

    Cleaning Trim Rings

    I've used drywall sanding blocks [sponge-type], with great success on some brushed stainless parts. You can run straight patterns. I did this heat-shield on the exhaust of a GSXR. Took out the scratches with sanding, polished, then went for the brushed pattern.
  14. mmissile

    Suggestions for a 727 replacement Automatic

    Neutral starts were banned by NHRA, for obvious reasons.
  15. mmissile

    727 TF shifter options

  16. mmissile

    1970 Barracuda Gran Coupe- Upper Peninsula Car!

    Beautiful car. You OEM guys, are entertaining.
  17. mmissile

    What is your favorite E bodycolor post a pic

    Thank you. It's a custom mix.
  18. mmissile

    Just remembered this great one...

  19. mmissile

    Ma's `cuda. A long time coming.

    I've always been a fan of subtle/ less is more. I've never really like high-impact cars as a rule....but there are some that look natural.