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  1. Cudafor36

    72 challenger suspension questions

    I have the firm feel stage 3 box, their upper control arms and their front tubular sway bar. What a freaking difference. I can lay down a corner like no other. It's wonderful. After 36yrs driving it with stock parts I was used to slowing down now I look to maintain or speed up into curves...
  2. Cudafor36

    Next question..........

    My drivers just took a poop so soon I'll be replacing them. Where did ya get your new locks.
  3. Cudafor36

    72 challenger suspension questions

    Try the crew at US Car Tool in NC. They can do magic.
  4. Cudafor36

    New from Michigan.

    Welcome from Toledo. I bought mine for $800 bucks when I was 14. Grea stories all around. Enjoy the site lots of good helpful people.
  5. Cudafor36

    Electrical issues

    Other than pretty I can not tell. I would get a colt meter and put on the terminal then see what the true amp output is. I would think the auto parts store is just a go or no go gauge. Remember everything is powered by the battery then your alt charges that sucker. So it does seem your alt is...
  6. Cudafor36

    Car completely shutting off when I hit the brakes

    Look at the connections in your bulkhead. Those go bad at times as witnessed his some brown/black looking connectors.
  7. Cudafor36

    Weld-In Sub Frame Connectors

    I elected to use the bolt in connectors but while at US Car Tool I had them weld in the ends. It does make a difference. Hard to explain but one can feel the diff. I've owned my car since I was 12 and know it well. 36yrs of pounding pavement. I also put in the tubular control arms. Uppers...
  8. Cudafor36

    Limited slip additive

    Drive line works recommends KW which you can buy at advance auto. That's what is in mine now.
  9. Cudafor36

    8 3/4 question

    My new 489 pig and 3:55's whine as well. Running green bearings. Bought it from Drive line works in FL (Joe). Called him and he said the new gear sets whine a little unlike oem. Argh.
  10. Cudafor36

    Spark plug wire question

    I had straight on mine. Virtually the same set up but a four barrel.
  11. Cudafor36

    Wilwood Disc on a 73 Challenger

    Thank you for the quick reply. I'll line it up tonight. Again ty.
  12. Cudafor36

    6.1 Hemi Swap

    Thanks buddy appreciate the quick comments.
  13. Cudafor36

    Wilwood Disc on a 73 Challenger

    Did your booster linkage hook up ok to the stock linkage or was the rod to long. Mine is and I'm out of adjustment. Can you hook it up directly to the brake pedal arm and bypass the link.
  14. Cudafor36

    6.1 Hemi Swap

    Another question for ya please. How did you link the end of the hydro to the pedal linkage. I've read here that you can hook it directly to the brake pedal arm and not the stock pivot one that connects to the normal vacuum booster. I ask as my system from Sweeney has the rod too far in and I...
  15. Cudafor36

    340 to a 360

    Five quarts of a standard oil pan. Then the Lucas additive about a half a quart.
  16. Cudafor36

    340 to a 360

    Also I put in. Lucas oil additive for additional wear protection.
  17. Cudafor36

    340 to a 360

    10w30 synthetic is what I've used on my 340 for 10yrs. No issues.
  18. Cudafor36

    Wilwood Disc on a 73 Challenger

    Yeah that clutch assembly up in there would be a pain to get around. Glad I'm hearing good Intel on the hydroboost. I am putting in the 1 1/8" bore cylinder. I'll advise on the outcome.
  19. Cudafor36

    Wilwood Disc on a 73 Challenger

    Thanks for the Intel on your install. I've had my booster out a dozen times and apparently I'm limber for a 47yr old. Lol. My hydroboost is going in next weekend. The Wilwoods suck in my opinion. I'd go with stock next time around and stock discs in back as well. The best pedal feel I've...
  20. Cudafor36

    What is this small bracket?

    I'm impressed as well to see such an accurate (and confirmed) answer. We found us a library source for all unknown foreign objects left in totally odd places. All I ever found was some change, beer cans, and once a pot pipe in the Cuda's I've owned.