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  1. Chryco

    Elastomeric Bumper

    if you change your minds let me know, thanks.
  2. Chryco

    SOLD 70 Hemi/440 Torsion Bars 780 & 781

    Hi sent funds to incorrect email.
  3. Chryco

    FOR SALE 1968-74 Stage V Hemi air lids

    Selling excellent reproduction, Stage V Hemi air lids, for those running Stage V/Indy intakes with your Hemi's. $135.00 plus shipping
  4. Chryco

    FOR SALE 426 Hemi air lids for stage V

    New Steel reproduction, 426 Hemi air lids for your Hemi with a stage V intake manifold. Increase horsepower and lower costs. 135.00 plus shipping
  5. Chryco

    71 Shaker hood linkage fasteners

    The parts you need are on there way. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks
  6. Chryco

    Shaker set up Opinion

    yes, there was an issue with the shipper and packaging after that incident. All has been corrected, different shipper and bubble well packed. Have been shipping to Europe and all across North America with no further issues. All good!!
  7. Chryco

    Shaker set up Opinion

    fiberglass like the originals.
  8. Chryco

    FOR SALE Non-shaker fresh air baseplates

    I have available 440-6 pack, Hemi, standard (carter carbs), Hemi (Edelbrock carbs) baseplates 575.00 each plus shipping. Ont, Canada Thanks!
  9. Chryco

    FOR SALE Dust or Watershield for your Non- 96 air system baseplates

    If your NOT running a shaker, or B-Body fresh air system then you need one of these for your baseplates. 4 spot welds or tig welds. $75.00 plus shipping. Located in Ont, Canada
  10. Chryco

    Shaker set up Opinion

    if you have any questions, about our kits please let me know, thanks!!
  11. Chryco

    Hi I have seen a post long time ago regarding making a shaker hood. I was wondering how did the...

    Hi I have seen a post long time ago regarding making a shaker hood. I was wondering how did the make the flange in the hood to make the trim ring level with the hood? thanks
  12. Chryco

    FOR SALE Shaker kits and elastomeric bumpers

    Kits range from 2650.00 and up. Cuda bumpers are 850.00 each.
  13. Chryco

    Elastomeric Front bumper - 2 kinds

    That is correct 70 is different then 71. The lower portion of the bumper is longer to match the valance body line.
  14. Chryco

    FOR SALE 1970 71 e-body shaker bubbles

    Great reprouction piece $490.00 plus shipping. Also carry elastomeric bumpers. Thanks
  15. Chryco

    Shaker hood conversion, anyone build one?

    Let me know if anyone needs any parts be more then happy to help! Thanks
  16. Chryco

    Shaker Insert color

    Satin black!
  17. Chryco

    SOLD For Sale- 440-6 Pack Shaker set up

    This is a complete set up for your Cuda or Challenger, all hardware included in price.(bolts for shaker, screws, washers and nuts for grills and hot/cold doors and cables, wing nuts and studs for air cleaner lid, diamond washers and nuts for adaptor ring.) $2650.00 plus shipping. thanks! Feel...
  18. Chryco

    Shaker hood and shaker parts original?

    What exactly are you buying is the better approach. send me some pics and I can hopefully help you out
  19. Chryco

    Shaker questions

    Your farther ahead buying an AMD hood or one from Goodman. I do have kits available for your 6pack set up. All my products are made in the USA which directly reflects the detail in these products at a competitive price!