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    70 Barracuda Door Glass installation,

    Good luck, i just finished mine on a Challenger it is not easy. I tok it apart for 8 years ago . ( bad memory ) But you manage :)
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    Hello from Norway

    Ok The story behind the Challenger is as follows. I had a Buick Super Sedanette 1949 ript it down and restored it, Thats one of a kind Car, under that restoration i bought a 66 Olds with a 455 and it had a engine that was realy craisy, it was imported from Canada, not by me i bought it in...
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    Hello from Norway

    I havent bolted the motor yet. Any recomondations on the exhaust TTI or Hooker ?
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    Hello from Norway

    Im glad to be in this group, here it is loads of experiense. i have a 1970 Challenger bought as a prosjekt and it stil is after 8 years. But things are slowly come together. New welded floors, luggage , torpedo ++. New painted, new vinyl roof. Al Hotchkis suspension under, Wilwood brakes. ++...