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    440 or Gen 3 Hemi

    Do a search on 440 engine rebuilds. You can wake up a 440 nicely with aluminum manifold, new heads and a mild cam. I'm not a fan of aftermarket throttle body FI, sniper or otherwise. Seen too many examples of failures after first year. And when you add up the costs of eveeything including...
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    Fuel Injection Throttle Body and Fuel Tank Suggestions...PLEASE!!!

    @70chal440 in theory you are correct. But the electronics in these aftermarket systems aren't proving to have the same reliability as OEM systems. Putting the electronics directly into the TBI unit sitting on top of a hot engine is far from ideal, as heat has a direct impact on electronics...
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    Fuel Injection Throttle Body and Fuel Tank Suggestions...PLEASE!!!

    Before you go the Sniper route I suggest you look for user videos from guys who have had them in for more than a year. To summarize, if your car didn't run well on a carb, a TB based EFI is not an instantaneous fix. And ( surprising to me) they aren't just set and forget. I almost went Sniper...
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    SOLD More 70 Challenger parts

    Hi, do you happen to have a steering lockout assembly for a 70 ebody with auto tranny?
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    Correct Mounting of 1970 Space Saver Spare?

    Thank you Floyd!
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    Speedometer Issue - What's likely wrong?

    Hi folks, I did a complete restoration of my Rallye instrument panel on my '70 AAR cuda. Everything disassembled, properly labeled, etc. then reassembled. My speedo had the needle broken off at some point during previous ownership and needed a new needle, but it still worked fine with the...
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    Correct Mounting of 1970 Space Saver Spare?

    Hi folks, I'm rounding the final turn of my 1970 AAR restoration and finishing up the trunk. Fortunately I had the original space saver spare but nothing else. So I purchased a (facsimile) bottle and strap, and the spare hold down bolt and nut. Have a date correct jack and jack holding...
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    T/A hood questions

    You probably know this, but never open the hood by reaching into the scoop and using the top half. To repair cracks use standard fiberglass techniques. Repainting is the challenge. Nothing today has the same look as original organosol. You can find it from time to time. Figure 2 quarts to do...
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    Head volume effects on compression ratio

    I saw this article a while back and found it interesting: https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/building-a-better-big-block
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    '70 cuda Steering Column connector

    I wish the shop manual explained this even half as well as you have! Extremely helpful and makes perfect sense. Thanks again.
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    '70 cuda Steering Column connector

    @Chryco Psycho, Thanks much! Makes sense as when I was rebuiding the steering column, I discovered that the turn signal switch was a replacement. BTW, I had to change the lock, restore the lockout and get the key buzzer working again. Thank goodness for the 4 part rebuild series by CC on...
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    '70 cuda Steering Column connector

    Hi folks, A previous owner MacGyver'd a bunch of functions on my 1970 cuda and I've been taking it back to bone stock. I have rebuilt all the gauges, dash panels, switches, etc. I have two questions: Question #1 I'm wondering if someone can tell me which functions this three wire connector...
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    Help! - Need Interior Fastener Kit List

    @douglas17, You are a prince. Thank you so much for taking the time to post. I'm 99% sure it is the same as mine. You saved me 3 weeks or more!
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    Help! - Need Interior Fastener Kit List

    I'm doing a 70 'cuda bone stock restoration and rounding the final curve with regards to interior. I'm reinstalling everything after I restoration, including dash, dash instruments, interior trim pieces such as a-pillar trim, door panels, etc. Two years ago I ordered a complete package of...
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    Learn to paint, it’s easy.

    I'm wondering if any of you has used or has an opinion on the new primer that dries a dirrerent color on top. They claim this helps see high dpots much easier as you block sand.
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    After Market vs Original Moldings

    There are a lot of old guys that can do wonders with stainless moldings.
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    Resto Choice dilemma

    I cast my vote for the 68 Charger, even though it is irrational. I already own a restored AAR 'cuda so the T/A should be the logical vot, but my fantasy would be to restore the Charger in triple black, and also buy a 68 Mustang fastback, paint it forest green, and go to car shows as the Bullitt...
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    Changes at YearOne

    Maybe you guys weren't aware. It used to be 30% off, ALL the time for Ebodies members. That's gone now. And watch the " free shipping" deals. There are a lot of parts ineligible. 30 off used to be the better deal. I'm buying elsewhere now unless it's something they have an exclusive on...
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    Changes at YearOne

    Not to sure how many of you have noticed that YearOne reduced its discount to EBodies members from the previous 30% to 25% and less. I've not been happy lately with their responsiveness either. Wondering if other members are sensing the same...
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    Rallye gauge cluster rebuild

    Unless they have changed, a couple of years ago I did an inquiry of Instrument Specialties and they had a turn around time of 6-9 months. Absolutely ridiculous. Make sure you understand WHY some of your gauges aren't working. You can test your tachometer coil by touching both leads briefly...