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    Speedometer Issue - What's likely wrong?

    Hi folks, I did a complete restoration of my Rallye instrument panel on my '70 AAR cuda. Everything disassembled, properly labeled, etc. then reassembled. My speedo had the needle broken off at some point during previous ownership and needed a new needle, but it still worked fine with the...
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    Correct Mounting of 1970 Space Saver Spare?

    Hi folks, I'm rounding the final turn of my 1970 AAR restoration and finishing up the trunk. Fortunately I had the original space saver spare but nothing else. So I purchased a (facsimile) bottle and strap, and the spare hold down bolt and nut. Have a date correct jack and jack holding...
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    '70 cuda Steering Column connector

    Hi folks, A previous owner MacGyver'd a bunch of functions on my 1970 cuda and I've been taking it back to bone stock. I have rebuilt all the gauges, dash panels, switches, etc. I have two questions: Question #1 I'm wondering if someone can tell me which functions this three wire connector...
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    Help! - Need Interior Fastener Kit List

    I'm doing a 70 'cuda bone stock restoration and rounding the final curve with regards to interior. I'm reinstalling everything after I restoration, including dash, dash instruments, interior trim pieces such as a-pillar trim, door panels, etc. Two years ago I ordered a complete package of...
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    Changes at YearOne

    Not to sure how many of you have noticed that YearOne reduced its discount to EBodies members from the previous 30% to 25% and less. I've not been happy lately with their responsiveness either. Wondering if other members are sensing the same...
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    How to remove heat riser inserts from exhaust manifold

    I just picked up a NOS 340 exhaust manifold, only because I got it at less than the cost of a heat riser kit alone. I have a matched set of restored coated manifolds already, and want to simply remove the heat riser assembly from the one I just purchased and reinstall in my restored one. I'm...
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    Source for Electrical "Barrel" Connector?

    I am debugging my harness that has some non-operating lights. One of the lights not working was the glove box, even with a new bulb, while the adjoining map light was working. I wanted to check wire continuity so I tried to unplug it from the common point. Even using a set of long nose pliers...
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    Correct color for lower steering column mount?

    I have a B5 blue AAR with brilliant blue interior. Steering column was incorrectly repainted silver in engine bay by previous owner. I'm totally restoring the column and I am attempting to determine if the two steering column mount parts in the pic (shown in primer) are to painted interior...
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    Positice cable bracket for AAR

    I'm trying to ascertain whether AAR cuda's utilized the frame bracket for the positive battery cable or not. And if so, a picture of the mounting location, as I haven't found a good pic. I've seen various frame bracket listings that specify only 1971-74 and a few that claim 70-74. When I...
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    WTB 1970 rallye dash light bar

    Please indicate if the small wiring harness for the light bar is included. For 1970 Cuda. Thx in advance.
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    How to remove plastic dash trim beneath radio?

    I must be dense. On my 70 AAR cuda I cannot figure out how to remove the "L" shaped plastic trim that goes under radio and up and around the ash tray. I pulled ash tray cover/insert. Then on the trim piece I removed the trim screw on the side and the two hex screws on bottom.. Radio now slides...
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    Correct battery tray installation 70 'cuda?

    I'm in the final stages of completing a resto on a '70 AAR cuda. The previous owner had moved the battery to the trunk, thus the tray was gone. I ordered a new tray, brace and bolt hardware, and correct battery cables, but can't find a picture that shows how it is properly installed, i.e...
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    70 AAR Fast Idle Solenoid and Distributor Wiring

    I am restoring an AAR Cuda and have obtained a fast idle solenoid and NOS dual point distributor to replace those missing when I purchased the car. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find correct way to wire them. The fast idle solenoid uses a blue wire which (from pictures I have seen) seems to...
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    Voltage Regulator 3438150 Date Code Between 369-120

    Looking for date code correct voltage regulator for 1970 Cuda manufactured in Mid March 1970.
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    Lost all electrical ...70 cuda

    Was driving home in the 70 cuda (AAR 340/6 bbl A/T) last night. Car in front of me stopped and my motor stalled. Went to restart the 'cuda and absolutely no power anywhere. Tick tock clock dead, no lights, no 'nuttin. Got my wife to come out with jumper cables. No power anywhere to car...