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  1. DaveBob

    Cuda Interior Door Trim - Where to Buy or DIY?

    I have seen the red trim on the door panels of some Cudas, similar to the Gran Coupe trim, but in red instead of woodgrain. Who sells this or is it a DIY project, such as simply painting over the woodgrain on some Gran Coupe trim?
  2. DaveBob

    Best oil for Truetrac and Sure-Trac?

    I am installing a brand new third member, stuffed with 3.91 gears and a Doctor Diff Sure-Trac limited slip unit. Doctor Diff and Eaton recommend non-synthetic gear lube, without any friction modifier. Doctor Diff likes 85W140 (but says that 80W90 is okay to use) and Eaton likes 80W90. I would...
  3. DaveBob

    New Member from CA, with 70 'Cuda 340

    My 70 'Cuda was my first car, purchased in 1977, for $1300. I am the third owner and know the second owner and original owner. The original engine has never been rebuilt and has only needed a valve job and a timing chain. When I considered doing a rebuild, I found another 70 340 and rebuilt it...
  4. DaveBob

    WTB 70 Cuda or Challenger 340 w/o Original Engine

    I have an extra 340 with correct date code for 1970 production. I also have lots of extra parts from owning my 70 Cuda for 43 years. Prefer Cuda only because some of the parts are for a Cuda only. I don't check the forum often, so best to email me directly at E mail address removed by staff.