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  1. 70chall440

    How to bench test standard dash ALT gauge?

    As to the volt gauge, any positive source will do. You do not need to run a ground to the battery, any good chassis ground will work. As to what gauge to use, well I cannot answer that for an E body, I know they use a Bousch gauge for B bodies but that is much smaller. Look around at...
  2. 70chall440

    How to bench test standard dash ALT gauge?

  3. 70chall440

    Sub frame connectors needed?

    Perhaps of interest related to this subject is that the modern Challengers benefit front added bracing as well. I put a strut bar in the front of my 2010 RT and the result was immediately noticeable. They make SFCs for this cars as well and I will probably be putting some on mine (although it...
  4. 70chall440

    Sub frame connectors needed?

    Oh these cars without SFCs definitely "flex". The more you beat on them the looser they get. I am not saying every car needs them per se, depends on the use but I will say that every car I build gets them along with torque boxes and usually under fender bracing as well.
  5. 70chall440

    What is This Part Called And Am I Missing One?

    Normally thrown away pretty quickly, I've never ran them and cannot say I know/knew anyone who did unless the car was bone stock or a restoration. Never seen any on drag cars and they don't seem to be breaking anything abnormally as a result. In other words, if you are looking for restoration...
  6. 70chall440

    Sub frame connectors needed?

    I will say that I would not give Magnum Force one penny of my money. I helped a friend put a MF front K frame and suspension on a client's car and it was a nightmare, horrible system. Looking at their SFCs, I am not too impressed with them.
  7. 70chall440

    Sub frame connectors needed?

    They do, Art Morrison, Schwatrz, the roadster shop, etc. However a full frame is a lot more expensive and harder to install than sub frame connectors. I have installed a variety of connectors but prefer the USCT versions. Yes they do require the seats and carpet come out but the end result is a...
  8. 70chall440

    SOLD 70 Barracuda Gran Coupe

    What's the VIN on the dash and title? Look if it is a true GC, I apologize but the way you presented it and then showed a fender tag for a car that isn't a GC caused all this drama. If the title and dash match the door, then you have a GC but the fender tag isn't for that car. Given that the...
  9. 70chall440

    Sub frame connectors needed?

  10. 70chall440

    SOLD 70 Barracuda Gran Coupe

    Nothing like an A hole that completely misrepresents something and then gets pissed when called out.
  11. 70chall440

    Sub frame connectors needed?

    I know there are people who will say not to but I put SFC on every car I build. They GREATLY stiffen up the car overall and offer a lot of benefits and in my opinion no negative side affects other than not looking stock. I aware there is some BS video with that idiot UT who blathers on about how...
  12. 70chall440

    Can someone please tell me this isn’t the secret vin area

    Look I am not trying to be a dick here but do you read what you write? It is so hard to figure out what you are trying to say. So far my take away from this is; you think the car is stolen - why do you think this? What proof do you have that this is the case? If it is the missing numbers, I...
  13. 70chall440

    70 cuda

    Nice car. Each to his own I guess, I always loved the PG shifters, one of the things that made Mopar's super cool but I get that some don't like them (usually called Chevy owners)... LOL
  14. 70chall440

    Ma's `cuda. A long time coming.

    I have been where you are many times, as you get to the end of the project it seems like it gets harder to work on it, its like a mental block. I am somewhat in a similar situation on a clients car. I had it bad on my Cuda, took me almost 14 years to build it and the last year was the hardest...
  15. 70chall440

    Fuel Injection Throttle Body and Fuel Tank Suggestions...PLEASE!!!

    Ive got one of those in my Challenger, they are nice.
  16. 70chall440

    I hope I didn’t get taken

    While I have no idea, its easy to think the worst. I have little tolerance or patience for bad communication especially in a situation like this, but given the times we live it its hard to say, could be innocent or something else. Hang in there, keep trying to contact them.
  17. 70chall440

    SOLD ***SOLD*** Brand new E-body Passon/Huff A855 transmission

    I completely agree, there are a number of people who feel very entitled and because they honored you by purchasing a product feel that they should be kowtowed to forever.
  18. 70chall440

    Mr. Norm passed away.

    Its on all the forums/boards as I guess one would expect given the impact he had on the hobby.
  19. 70chall440

    Can someone please tell me this isn’t the secret vin area

    I have tried to read through all of this and I have saw it is a challenge, your story is a bit chaotic to say the least. So, you paid $10K for a roller that is a 318 car and was supposed to have a 440 with it but it does not have any main caps? I hate to say this but it appears to me that you...
  20. 70chall440

    Are E-bodies Muscle? Or Pony?

    I see this as trying to define the undefinable... it is subjective, thus means different things to different people.