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    Problem with Optima battery

    I see that with many warranties. Only warranted for the initial period. For a pro-rated return and new purchase, I'd surely expect a new warranty. I'm using the Optima Blue dual purpose battery for my trolling motor. The first one lasted 12 years. When I replaced it, I looked at both, Yellow...
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    Broken water pump pulley

    IDK, but I can't imagine that caused the pulley to fail. For all ya' know it was defective from the get-go. Once off, I'd take a good hard look at both sides for evidence off a crack as new. Look for paint that has leached into an open surface crack. Then it fatigued till fail. Darker areas of...
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    clutch problem

    Yep, they are. The OC springs are designed for a B&B clutch cover, not the diaphragm style which requires much less peddle effort from your leg. The OC spring works in two directions with the B&B cover. When adjusted properly, the OC spring assists your leg to compress the spring load of the...
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    Oil Pan Hitting Steering Center Link

    How much does that pan need to go up in order to clear the center link? Some dimensions for stock oil pans here if it can help......... https://www.engine-swaps.com/pages/oil-pan-id
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    SOLD Milodon Big Block Oil Pan

    The bucket size in the picture makes the "C" dimension look shorter and I had to ask. Too deep for my application. Thank you for your time and fast response.
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    SOLD Milodon Big Block Oil Pan

    Is this a 7 quart bucket + 1 for the filter to make it a 8 quart system? Can you provide these three lengths for me?
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    4 Barrel Intake under shaker on 71 Cuda

    If the below link info is true, seems the manifold is not the only issue. https://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/threads/edelbrock-440-aluminum-intake.260265/#post-912435171
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    The 440 and Pesky Valve Covers

    Not only check / flatten the valve cover, you might also check the head with a straight edge. This SB head has a raised area that didn't get reworked properly (ground/filed flat) from the factory......... FWIW, Back in the day cork gaskets and brush on gasket sealer usually took care of the...
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    What ARE these things called??

    ........ https://mymopar.com/browse-mtsc-by-model-year-1952/
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    SOLD 1971 440 6 pack cuda matching number low mile 2 fender tag car

    I think the location of the car is in question. You might review this Jim...... https://www.forebodiesonly.com/forum/threads/febo-classified-rules.6581/
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    833 trans throwout bearing

    Perhaps if your picker is up to it, something such as this?.............
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    833 trans throwout bearing

    IMO, the release bearing looks correct. FWIW, your bottom picture is approximately where it would release the disc. The bearing is pretty easy to knock off the fork while installing a trans. Make sure you check that. Has this bell been on this engine previously? If not, you might want to...
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    Clutch Pedal Help

    The clutch peddle rod has oblong holes as designed. You need to determine which clutch setup you have installed. A diaphragm setup typically has the stock OC spring removed and peddle return tends to be lower than a 3-finger B&B setup. The OC (over center) spring works in both directions on a...
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    WTB 71 fender top turn signal

    Check with moparmarks............ Can anyone i.d. these for me?
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    FOUND 340 six pack intake and carbs

    You might try this poster (not mine). Thread is not open for reply, but I think you can still contact the seller from it. Not tagged as "sold"..... [FOR SALE] - 340 Six Pack
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    A833 2nd gear issue

    Once you set neutral for all and find it still pops out of gear, you might try to tweak the 1-2 shift rod biased to 2nd a turn.
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    Fender alignment

    Sounds as though it's rocking on the latch.
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    Fender alignment

    Can you push the front corners down to the fender? When you push down on one side what does the other side do?
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    Fender alignment

    This^^ or tin foil cones. Maybe try reaching up from under with a camera.
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    Chick with a Cuda

    While you're cleaning up, ya' might take a good look at those UCA bracket to frame areas. I know A-bodies are notorious for rot.