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  1. benguin

    Master cylinders

    Additional second. Brad knows his stuff!
  2. benguin

    WTB KH80012 RH caliper

    I'd be interested in the driver's side (left), as I've got a later model narrow mouth on that side now. Works fine, but it nags at me everytime I see it. :) Ben
  3. benguin

    FOR SALE 1970-1971 Barracuda/'cuda SS intermediate brake line

    I've got a 'new' Inline Tube one-piece stainless intermediate line that is too late to return, as my car needed the two piece line (proportioning valve on the driver frame rail). I'd love to get this to someone who needs it, and avoiding the restocking fee. Free pick up in Central IL, or...
  4. benguin

    door top molding 1970 Cuda

    Additional note, it's not chrome, but anodized (I think) aluminum. It's pretty soft metal.
  5. benguin

    70 Challenger brake caliper problems

    KH83525 was the original 70 right side, KH83526 on the left.. The 'new style' bracket looks like a KH600034 for the driver side, likely KH600035 for passenger.
  6. benguin

    70 Challenger brake caliper problems

    The 1970 only and 1971 onward calipers "should" all fit. Here is a picture of the 1970 only "wide mouth" caliper on a 1970 'cuda (casting #KH80012) followed by a 1971+ caliper picture of the "narrow mouth" (casting #KH86166). There are a variety of lengths of caliper pins too- both for...
  7. benguin

    Power Brake Booster Pedal to Linkage for E body 1970 Cuda

    Sorry- system issue! I did find there is a repro spring, for anyone needing it. Currently offered out of Ohio on ebay.
  8. benguin

    Power Brake Booster Pedal to Linkage for E body 1970 Cuda

    Might not be in the Service Manual as it's not a core part of the power brake unit, and is mostly to provide positive disengagement of the brake light. Is this even present on '72 and beyond cars? I did fin
  9. benguin

    Power Brake Booster Pedal to Linkage for E body 1970 Cuda

    There also is a return spring, as pictured here: Brewer's Performance - Mopar A833 4-Speed Transmission and Component Specialists
  10. benguin

    Gas gauge not working after tank swap

    I second Mopar Nut's ground suggestion. It's critical, and likely they didn't put the strap back on, or if it was missing to add whatever was being used, even a wire from the sender to a body ground would confirm if that's the issue.
  11. benguin

    10" rear brake shoes- circle vs rectangle hole for parking brake

    Not sure about the interchangeable part (at least for my '70), as the parking brake lever is a bit too large to fully seat in the trapezoid. I did think about drilling it out, but after considering the potential failure mode, I opened a ticket with the manufacturer's technical hotline. To...
  12. benguin

    10" rear brake shoes- circle vs rectangle hole for parking brake

    Hi all- while attempting to do a major detailing of my 10x2.5 rear brakes, I ran into a problem where I received shoes with a rectangular cutout when their catalog shows a circular hole for the parking brake lever. In researching, I'm finding both versions show up for e-bodies and the...
  13. benguin

    scheduled production date ?

    Yep- got the VINs up on several places- these are Nov 1969 Hamtramck Barracuda builds BH23G0B's, Gran Coupes with black leather buckets - 1 Rallye Red and one Tor Red.
  14. benguin

    scheduled production date ?

    This post inspired me to check out my k-frame, which I had never done. Mine is 2949 2 at Hamtramck. Just a day after your Challenger! I haven't found a build sheet for my car yet either, but did find two that were not for mine but had the same black leather seats. Appreciate your post and...
  15. benguin

    T/A Brake Issues `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

    With all new wheel cylinders, master cylinder, and the shoes adjusted that rules out many of the culprits. My first thought was there is still some air in the system. I'm sure you've confirmed the spring for the power brake lever push rod is in place, right? Other than an air leak...
  16. benguin

    Grill Color

    Way back in 1978, when you could still order them through Chrysler-Plymouth dealers, I ordered a new center and headlight buckets- they arrived in a heavy texture dark argent, like the '71s. I was pretty disappointed, but Evidently that's what they had on hand for crash parts. (* edited the...
  17. benguin

    WTB S200 "Daisy" Wheels

    I can't say what American was doing in the '70s, but all four of mine are 6.75" between the narrowest at the beads by the center. I would have thought they'd call that 7. The Firestone Super Sport L60s did fit on them with no issues. (other than not being great tires. These won't work for...
  18. benguin

    WTB S200 "Daisy" Wheels

    Where are you located? I've got a set that has been moved at least 4 times over 40+ years that are stacked in a corner of my garage. These were on my 'cuda when I bought it in '77. All four are the same size. It had G60s on front and H60 in back. At one point I had L60s on the back with no...
  19. benguin

    Correct 318 Air Cleaner Cover

    Glad to help. I will say that the Challenger with this 318 was immensely improved by putting a 4bbl carb on a then current Edelbrock LD4B intake with 340 exhaust and a mild cam. Definitely became a much more responsive car. You could likely keep a semi-factory look with a 4 bbl carb with one...
  20. benguin

    Correct 318 Air Cleaner Cover

    Here are some shots from a March 1970, LA build Challenger 318 in "survivor" condition. This air cleaner, the AC, and exhaust manifolds were removed from the car in 1980 and have been in storage since. This car lived in CA and AZ up until that time. These would have come from the factory with...