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    Need some help with a purchase and the seller is no longer responding.

    Maybe tell us who. Somebody here may have a past experience with him, also not too favaorible.
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    Dodge won't be down for breakfast

    What they should really be pushing is Hybrids. Gas & Electric could live well together. Especially for a long drive.
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    AAR 'cuda

    So sorry to see a great looking car hit that bad. Glad you're okay. That car will need major surgery to get back on the road again. Hope you can find someone component enough to rebuild it. I always dreaded a front end hit because car was usually not as good as before. Of course we always took...
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    Consensus on disc brake upgrades?

    I've have bought Cordoba rotors from Rock Auto. I did that conversion on my 71 Cuda probably 20 years ago.
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    Dodge won't be down for breakfast

    Ford lost 4.5 billion on EV's, so it shows there isn't a market for them. They maybe battery powered but need electricity to charge.
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    Dodge won't be down for breakfast

    If Dodge thinks we'll be running out to buy electric cars they may as well close the door now.
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    FOR SALE Original 71 cuda grille

    They truly were a work of art. Just like the 71 & 72 Duster grilles. They made those cars really stand out.
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    WTB 1972 340 727 Transmission B2451025

    Not impossible but tough to find. Back in the day Auto trannys were removed and replaced. Tranny shop had a rebuilt in stock and replaced it with yours so you could be back on the road in a day or 2. Back in the 70's not many people cared about matching numbers.
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    Why our Old Mopars are the best!

    I believe you're right about Mopars being better with the unibody. I saw a Camaro and it looked like the front subframe was just bolted to the floor pan, not welded like Mopars.
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    Why our Old Mopars are the best!

    Although the unibody was light weight it really wasn't good for the muscle cars. That's why there's a company selling you parts to stiffen up your body. My Cuda now has torque boxes and extensions from rear to front subframe.
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    Rallye Dash Differences by year

    I have a 71 Cuda that had the unrally dash. I took a 72 Challenger rally dash gauges and put in the 71 dash. I also took the wiring harness from the 72 Challenger to put in my Cuda. I would think all Ebody dashes were the same, just the rally package or the the regular gauges are the difference.
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    Rallye Dash Differences by year

    70 dash had Challenger or Barracuda embossed in the Dash. Save money by putting a plate with either name after 70 on the dash pad.
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    WTB Rosette Rivets

    I've bought them at Carlisle a few years ago. Don't remember from who though.
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    Can it be saved?

    The other problem may be if the sheet metal is not available. A while back AMD was waiting for shipping rates to come down so may still be a problem.
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    Confused on my 73 Challenger 340

    I would definitely look into the radiator if it is the original one. Drain some of the fluid in it and look at cooling tubes to see if they are clogged, if they are may want to have it boiled out or put a new one in. Years ago nobody used distilled water when changing antifreeze. A good flushing...
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    Hello from NYC - please don't hold the location against me

    I lived in a part of NYC , Queens, until I smartened up and moved out East. Deblasio ruined the City and Adams is following in his steps. How are those speed cameras working out for you? Car thefts were a regular crime and crime now is so out of control.
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    512 stroker starts but wont stay running

    Do you know how to jump the starter relay next to the battery to crank the motor? If you do turn the key to run and jump the relay to get it started. In case you don't take a screwdriver and short the top nut to the screw right below the nut. Should crank at that point and with key in run should...
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    512 stroker starts but wont stay running

    Do you have a fuel filter? I had a Dart that had crud in the tank, I'd change filter and again would clog up from crud in the tank. I changed tank to clear problem. We're talking about 50 + year old tanks that have seen a lot of fuel in their day and a lot of weather and condensation to create...
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    512 stroker starts but wont stay running

    If it dies when you release the start part of ignition key, put 12 volts right to the + side of the coil and if it continues to run ignition sw is not giving volt to ignition system in the run position. Only do this to see if it runs for a short period of time or you'll wipe out coil. If you had...
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    512 stroker starts but wont stay running

    The fuel pump keeps fuel in the carb. Maybe a weak pump not providing enough fuel when accelerating. You have to give a little more info on the build of the motor. What's new and what's not.