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    Hey I saw your post in a 71 side molding I have a 71 Challenger that takes the little posts that...

    Hey I saw your post in a 71 side molding I have a 71 Challenger that takes the little posts that are welded to the quarter panels doors and fenders I was wondering if you may have a full set and what you would be asking for price wise
  2. My 1970 barracuda

    My 1970 barracuda

    It's been three years so far and it's a good looking car now. I'm hoping another three it will be finished.
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    New door handles and locks???

    Well thanks guys but I found a man who had a set local and he is working with a man to make them for other people.
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    New door handles and locks???

    Yes thats it exactly. Would you be willing to sell them?
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    Got a clue how many DY2 barracudas???

    Well without a fender or build sheet I'm in the dark. It may have been a special order for all I know. But the places I have found the original yellow it's such a soft yellow DY3 looks strong compared to it. That's why I thought it was a DY2. Thanks for the info Jeff.
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    New door handles and locks???

    Oh awesome. I'd take broken handles if they have the retainers lol.
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    Got a clue how many DY2 barracudas???

    I have a 1970 barracuda 318/auto. I know it was the last year of the Sunfire yellow in plymouths line. But I was curious if anyone had production numbers for it. I doubt I will repaint the factory color but I was curious of it's rarity. I don't have a fender tag or build sheet. Just butter...
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    New door handles and locks???

    The "U" shaped piece that holds the lock k in place with the two screws. At least that's how my friend discribed it.
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    New door handles and locks???

    Yeah a friend set me straight after I posted this. I'm now on the hunt for those parts on some junk cars I know of. Thank you though.
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    New door handles and locks???

    Ok if youve seen my car it was a stripped roller, and I've been slowly building to a complete car. I got this year was new handles and locks. Now I haven't gotten the locks to a Smith yet. But I can't find how the locks are held in the new handles. It looks like there is two screws for a...
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    Bench seat Cuda

    I have actually planned on putting it in the car now as I have seen that almost every car at the shows have nothing but buckets. Sorry.
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    Email sent

    Email sent
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    1971 Plymouth Barracuda

    That's funny cause I'm building a 70 318/auto that I think was a M46 car but I have a title no tag though. I'm putting the paint scheme and scoops on it anyway
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    1997-1998 jeep brakes on 8 3/4 mopar.

    Yeah I didn't see it on here at all but this guy told me it. I haven't been able to do much so far but winter is coming and body work is going to slow to how much cold I can stand lol
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    1997-1998 jeep brakes on 8 3/4 mopar.

    A big mopar man in my neck of the woods told me about a set up, Where you can take the brake calipers, rotors, brackets, and emergency brake set up and adapt it to work on a 8 3/4 cuda that does change your back spacing. Now I'm curious so I'm going to try it but I was curious if anyone else had...
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    70-74 cuda passenger door shell near NC?

    If I had caught this door maybe three years earlier maybe that would have worked but not today. I am hitting all my local haunts for another door shell. Even if it hadn't rusted the door to death the "body work" done to the frame an reinforcement bar is fucked lol. Thank you though I wish I...
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    70-74 cuda passenger door shell near NC?

    Hey I have a 70 barracuda and while skinning the door i found some shotty body work and the shell is rusted badly and I was curious if anyone near NC has a spare door for sale or know of a mopar source. I have a new AMD skin but I need a shell. Any help is appreciated I'm making calls to locals...
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    overhaulin' 70 Barracuda last night

    Hey I have been thinking purple for a year now. Now in the mopar world yes purple is getting used a lot. But look at most car shows, there are hardly any mopars and purple was the "mopar" only color beside slime green and pink. Orange, blue, red, black, silver and white half the crowd looking...
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    How to remove old ignition switch.

    Hey thanks man I have been busy getting the car back and putting in frame ties. So the steering column is on back burnered but thanks for the info once I get back to interior I'll be using it.
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    11 inch drums? Or how to attack this 8 3/4?

    Thank you for the info and the site. I will price these and get according. The 11 inc drums were the first direction ANd as you say being a driver I want to have fun but not kill my budget. Thanks again.