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    WTB 73 cuda

    Looking for hood loop latch. I guess that's what its called. Odd shaped round steel rod that bolts to hood .
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    Cuda parts

    Replied, and pics sent
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    Cuda parts

    Column, complete with wheel ,key, and harness, venal top trim. Complete a/c heater box with vents controls everything. Will post picks on request located in Philly Pa. Burbs. Price negotiable.
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    Cuda rtear window trim, nice set.

    How much for the seats. Tracks included?
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    73 Cuda pics

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    73 Cuda pics

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    06 5.7 hemi

    Like the title says. 06. 5.7 Running in car. No noise or smoke. Located phila. Pa. Area. I would like local pick up but can help with shipping or delivery. Asking 2500.00 but will entertain reasonable offers. Comes with engine harness
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    Nice looking ride. Build it to make you happy.
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    72 barracuda

    What motor, and location?
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    6.4 hemi engine oil dipstick.

    Bought mine from these guys. http://www.bpeusa.com/61LHemiOilPans.asp
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    1970 4 door cuda?!?!

    Nothing but respect for you but I find this comment a little disturbing. Especially since I am a mod on one of the other site forums.
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    1970 4 door cuda?!?!

    Looks like Iowa to me.
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    Semi retirement

    I know it's easy for me to say, but just hang in there.
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    1970 4 door cuda?!?!

    Originally Posted by moparleo Please do your personal commenting on PM. This is not the forum for this. No problem Leo I'm done here. RAY
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    1970 4 door cuda?!?!

    I never claimed to know anything about your build. I've only complimented it and asked a few specific questions. And if I was to throw dynamite at you it would already be lit. And my name is Ray. Jeeze you can't even get that correct. Not sure who this Tom character is you keep referencing, but...
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    1970 4 door cuda?!?!

    Wow , you REALLY don't get it do you? LOL
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    1970 4 door cuda?!?!

    So you have doubts. You really don't see how you leaked it out. Interesting. I so over estimated you.
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    1970 4 door cuda?!?!

    Na mystery solved. you leaked it out, its there in black and white. Again thank you.
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    1970 4 door cuda?!?!

    Exactly. Glad you understand. Appreciate the info.