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N. Calif Best Mopar Show is Saturday June 10th, at DeAnza College in Cupertino


May 25, 2023
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Santa Clara, CA
We invite our eBody fans and owners to the 31st Annual Mopar Alley Show.

We have PreReg closing tomorrow, but you can still come to the show and register the day of.

Here is what we have improved for our show this year.
1. FOOD - 3 food vendors for the show - Tacos, Hot Dogs, and Burgers. Dessert? Yep, Softee Ice Cream
2. Voting - We are going to be debuting our ELECTRONIC voting app
3. DJ - Professional DJ to keep the vibes right at the show
4. Professional Photo - New 10x30 banner behind your CAR. (if it's registered). FREE digital copy of photo
5. Covered Food Area - Eating in the shade, what a concept
6. Covered Area for Trophy Presentation
7. Many other special new stuff

We are working hard to make sure this SHOW Rocks. We have confirmed atttendees coming as far away as Washington for our show.

Please ping me with any questions
You must mail in your PreReg (stamped by post office) by tomorrow...

Sorry for the late post....

A ShowFlyer 2023.jpg