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Kenny,I got my first 70 Cuda in 71 with low miles on it.the hood pins went in from the front with the cable going to the grill . I'm sure it was not modified in any way before I got it.383 four speed plain jane no power equipment 3.55 posi.B5 blue /black interior.very fast!!
Hi Matt I'm looking for a Shaker hood I know I can purchase a Repo at Roseville Mopar from John & other places as well I'm looking for a NOS I know & heard I maybe looking for a needle in a hay stack but we do get lucky once in awhile
Code 3
lets do it, UPS is fine I will purchase a money order for 340 from the Unites States Post Office.
I need a mailing address to send it to please sir, thanks in advance.
I saw back 2017 you had a caster problem with you car did control arms fix you problems. I’m kinda running into the same problem with my rig
Hi, love to get one of these to replace the ball shifter in my 74 Challenger. Can I be added to your waitlist?

Hello Gus,
Anxiously awaiting your call, I have some questions about your V code Cuda.
Hi Matt. I was pointed to you for the 340 Four Barrel decals for the hood on A66 cars. Have you still got some? Thanks. 340Challman
Couple sets of oem Cuda vert. stainless
What convertible specific parts do you have left for a Cuda convertible?
Thank you
Hey Grady, how you doing? hope you don't mind, I Just wanted to say hi, I hope everything is under control man.