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    383 cam stuck

    So I got the cam out and this is what the cam bearings look like. What do you think caused this? I personally have never ran this motor I bought it to rebuild it so I’m just curious
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    383 cam stuck

    I’ll give this a shot in the morning thank you!
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    383 cam stuck

    I it spins it just won’t slide out
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    383 cam stuck

    I’m in the middle of disassembling my 383 currently. I have the lifters cam-chain and gears out and off. I also have the push rod for the fuel pump as well as the gear drive for the distributor/ oil pump off. So I put the cam gear back on to take the cam out but it’s not budging am I missing...
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    iso 1970 Plymouth fury front end

    I’m looking for a front grill bumper and front right fender cap for my 1970 Plymouth fury. Anyone know where I could pick this stuff up?
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    WTB ISO 1965 Plymouth satellite

    I’ve checked all the big sites and stuff I’m looking for a project and they don’t seem to be posted a whole lot
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    WTB ISO 1965 Plymouth satellite

    Looking for a 65 Satellite hard top. Doesn’t matter what engine or trans tho preferably 383 4 speed. My grandpa got one as his first new car buy. it was a 383 4 speed and he hasn’t had one sense he wrecked it so I’d like to help him get a new one.
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    383 main bearing clearance question

    Ok so I have a 1970 Plymouth fury with a 383 im in the middle of engine tear down. I plastigauged the main bearings and came out with .004 to .005. I’m only getting the engine running for temporary use and won’t be pushing it hard at all. So my question is how bad would it be to run those main...