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    WTB 1971 "G" series 383 motor

    Where are you located
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    WIW AAR Shell

    How about posting some pictures
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    SOLD AM Radio

    I have a working AM radio that I just removed from my Cuda to upgrade to AM/FM. The push buttons and dials all work. No cut wires Im asking $110 shipped in the lower 48 states. PM me if your interested
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    buckle cover removal how to?

    I don't know what type of plastic that clip is. Dip a Q-tip in the MEK and dab it on the plastic clip. If it softens the plastic it should work.
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    buckle cover removal how to?

    Those are ABS plastic you can fix them by using MEK from any hardware store. Dip a q- tip in the MEK and wet the broken edges and then press them together. Hold for about a minute and it should be good. You have to do this fast once you wet the edges, They should not dry. I wait a day...
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    FOR SALE Radiator

    What is the date code on the passenger side support
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    WTB OK, I need a complete 70 Cuda grille, oh boy........

    Fastmark when you painted your AAR grille what black paint did you use semi-gloss, satin, flat or matte
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    Trunk lid molding

    Replied with pictures on your other thread
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    Barracuda trunk lid

    There are 8 holes in the trunk lid for the molding. From either side the first hole is 5/8 inch from edge to the center of the hole. 2nd hole 9 1/4 inch to center, 3rd hole 18 1/4 inch to center and 4th 25 3/4 inch to center. From the bottom of the lip of the trunk to the center of the hole is...
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    70 cuda fog lamps

    My AAR has the striped ones and another original set I have also have the striped ones
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    where does this go?

    The clip looks like its from the steering column. Holds the bearing in at the bottom
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    My T/A restoration...

    Hey Grady thats a great job you did on the TA. I have a question for you, Im restoring the leaf springs on my AAR and was wondering if you had the part number you used for the Leaf spring shackle bushings. Rockauto lists Moog K7308 for Challenger and K7309 for Cuda But the TA / AAR used the same...
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    AAR / TA rear leaf spring shackle bushings

    I am replacing the rear leaf spring shackle bushings in my AAR Cuda and need to order the bushings. Rockauto lists moog k7308 for challenger and moog k 7309 for cuda. Does anyone know which ones are correct?