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74 challenger

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  • need some help I was changing out a door handle on my 72 challenger and now it is stuck in the down position and tight. In trying to get my fat hands in there I removed the bracket in the way in the opening hole and I will be damed if I know what went wrong.
    hey there, nice 74'. I just got one this summer! Its a 318 and I recently ran into a throttle linkage problem (mainly why I joined this site). The original kickdown throttle bracket for the 318 Mopar doesn't sit well with this dual port Offenhauser intake manifold I put in. What intake manifold and carb set up did you go with on your 74 Challenger?

    Hopefully you'll be back on sometime soon!
    Please send me your e-mail so I can send you PDF. and JPG. to answer your questions. Thank you Leo
    If you send a PM to me when you are not signed in, I am not notified. Just send an email to me. The shackles are longer on the B. Some B's may be different. I am not sure of what years may be interchangable.
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