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    Electric exhaust cut outs

    There are two styles, Direct Drive and gear reduction. The gear reduction motors are more powerful and can still close tightly even with a little bit of carbon build up. We're partial to the Pypes Cutouts:
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    The 440 if original, should have a 26" wide radiator. Also, tell me the inlet and outlet...

    The 440 if original, should have a 26" wide radiator. Also, tell me the inlet and outlet positions. With this, then I can show you the correct radiator.
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    Blown radiator..

    Been there! Not fun. You are going to get a split camp for your answers. Here's my take 'as an aluminum radiator mfg' :) 1. apples to apples Aluminum cools better. 2. Aluminum is at least as strong as copper/brass contrary to a lot of opinions because aluminum seems...
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    Anyone have the 2.5 pypes exhaust system with x pipe?

    It won't be hard to find a complaint about any exhaust system install but like here, you also find positive results. Doesn't seem right? there are so many factors to consider when installing an exhaust system especially when you are running headers. Every header mfg designs headers for...
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    Cold case 26" radiator

    not sure why but we have a LOT of users on the A, B and C body forums. You'll get the type of feedback you need there.
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    Radiator Size

    I believe OEM for Mopar at that time was thermal. I think if you get a heavy duty OEM or aftermarket version, that would be fine. If the fan is for AC (more blades), fills the shroud opening in the stock position and the clutch is working, you have the perfect setup. You only need...
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    Radiator Size

    Unnecessary for your application. OEM will do just as well.
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    Radiator Size

    You can stay with a 22" radiator as long as it is high capacity as mentioned above. The copper brass radiator should be a 4 row if you are running ac. The tri-flow is even better. However, both are quite expensive and still don't cool as good as a BIG 2 row aluminum radiator...
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    fan shroud ?

    When using MOP755A, OEM fan shroud, #2785614 and 2998325 will work.
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    temp creeps up at highway speeds

    that sure looks like a nice setup. That clutch and fan combo should be great for stop and go driving where not surprisingly, you are not having any issues. The belt looks tight but if it was slipping, they get really slippery from the heat generated from the slipping.
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    temp creeps up at highway speeds

    What gears do you have? What rpms at 65mph? 1. spring in lower hose- first and easiest option However, a lot of time, it's collapsing because the heat is getting too high. 2. Timing 3. Make sure you don't have obstructed air flow. Sometimes high speeds create air flow blocks. Air...
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    Aluminum Radiator Opinions

    Just wanted to weigh in on the issue of ruggedness of aluminum vs copper/brass. Although aluminum is much lighter, it actually can absorb more shock than a copper brass radiator. ie; it can flex more. Any crack that happens in a radiator because of being shocked by something like a...
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    1972 challenger raidiator?

    ah! Now you have a decision to make. What's more important....keeping your car original and not messing with cutting up the radiator support or is cooling the car more important. My opinion is that the car looks pretty original, stay with a 22" unit, add a clutch, shroud and AC fan. If...
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    1972 challenger raidiator?

    26" big 2 row, OEM fan shroud, clutch, AC fan, 180 t-stat. Problem will be solved guaranteed. A normal car should be able to run fine with the 3 row aluminum and you can try and get away with a big 22" 2 row but why mess with it. for the little bit extra, you are guaranteed to never...
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    440 big block getting hot

    yep, 205 is ok. It's the 'getting to 205 quickly' that has me a little concerned. If it stays at 205 in heavy traffic on a hot day, then you have no worries. If not, then you need some help.