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    Power Brake Booster Pedal to Linkage for E body 1970 Cuda

    Don't be a tease.I see a hockey stick. Pull up the skirt a little bit,let us see a little more!
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    Oil dipstick replacement

    340 right? original dip stick.16 3/4 to stop. pull out cut handle end put back in. If you have marks already on it.
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    No,need to finish sail panel and outside edge.
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    Oil Pressure Gauge??

    "amp drop when I turn on the key" It should go to the discharge side when not running. And yes both the voltage regulator that controls the charging system and the voltage limiter on the gauge cluster effect they way your gauges work.or a bad ground!
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    Read factory install first,then forget most of it if you are doing it yourself. The 4th picture is a mark made on the A pillar bottom of the seam.this is a good reference to start from if you top is still on. You will need 2 quarts.I might have done it with one if I didn't mess up at first,a 1...
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    Found 3 staples on each side of the front.2nd picture shows top is not under drip rail.Used a green pad to remove glue. Didn't remove it as I would have liked. used a rubber disk with duct tape.removed it a lot quicker and easier by hand,made little balls of glue. original paint in the middle...
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    Power Brake Booster Pedal to Linkage for E body 1970 Cuda

    This might help.
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    Install vinyl top.Some details and measurements that might help.The inside of the inside of the white line was established with seam on end and drawn. The black line is the outer edge of the seam with the vinyl lifted up and drawn.Used a framing square in drip rail to lay out on sail panel...
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    Side view mirror installation

    Funny Thing, Just the other day Monday. My angel 😇was helping me put the vinyl top on. As we were both pulling on the passenger side.she was at the front. And the mirror went flying onto the car. AUGHHH !! 😠😤🤬:mad:🤯😬😇How do you express you frustration. Not very much! I didn't realize😇 she was up...
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    Stock Engine or a option

    Higher cost for the 340 for JH and BH build. JS and BS build 383 is base. From what I have seen. Had and have 2 RT'S and a T/A. A few 318's 72 73? one was a Rally. Don't remember which one.
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    Chick with a Cuda

    Vibrations that I have experienced. Busted belt that can and can not be seen.Tire run low and side wall inside destroyed. bad u joint, Weight that fell off tire or drive shaft.Turned a lot of drums and rotors in a shop.This didn't happen to me. but it sometimes was a fix. Bus or large truck...
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    Chick with a Cuda

    Couldn't stop thinking about you rear end vibrating. No pun intend. Yeah there was! No really.Did you find it? If so what was it? Loose nuts bolts or other?
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    1970 challenger Fender tag ?

    Did you find a broadcast sheet? See the bend on the left side of tag. That's done on the assembly line.
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    Hello from Sacramento California