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  1. DaveBob

    one wire install denso style..

    Like this one? For the field current, I noticed in the factory schematic that one of the field wires and one of the regulator wires were common. So, I combined the two to supply the field current to the new alternator. It made for cleaner wiring, since the external regulator was eliminated and...
  2. DaveBob

    '73 340 727 Trans - Wont Downshift all else works fine

    Does the slotted adjustment at the lower center of your picture allow you to change your shift points? It looks like you have the linkage at its shortest position. As you lengthen it, your shift points should get higher. Have you tried that? The other thing that prevents kickdown at full...
  3. DaveBob

    '73 340 727 Trans - Wont Downshift all else works fine

    This may be an apples to oranges comparison, since I have a 70 full-throttle kickdown trans, but here goes. In my 70 340 Cuda, with a 727 TF trans, it will not kickdown at full throttle, from cruising speeds, if my WOT shift points are set too low. To fix it, I grabbed a pair of pliers, removed...
  4. DaveBob

    Steering Wheel Suggestions

    You're welcome. Here are a couple pictures. The FR unit has a collar that the non-OEM horn button snaps into (sloppily), rather than a flat spot with three tapped holes to allow the attachment of an OEM horn button assembly. Other than the horn having a very sloppy feel, another drawback to the...
  5. DaveBob

    18" Ridler Wheels Question?

    It's better to use the offset spec than the rear space spec, since the offset doesn't change with different widths and the rear space does. The offset just tells you how far inboard or outboard the center of the tire or tire mounting area is relative to the mounting face. Factory 14" Rally...
  6. DaveBob

    Steering Wheel Suggestions

    I bought the Flaming River Tuff wheel, but returned it. Originally, the Flaming River Tuff wheel had stainless spokes and used the factory horn button assembly. I think it also had the countersunk mounting holes to use the factory nuts and provide a more secure mounting than through holes...
  7. DaveBob

    Cuda Interior Door Trim - Where to Buy or DIY?

    I have seen the red trim on the door panels of some Cudas, similar to the Gran Coupe trim, but in red instead of woodgrain. Who sells this or is it a DIY project, such as simply painting over the woodgrain on some Gran Coupe trim?
  8. DaveBob

    Brake proportioning valve

    The factory proportioning valve is on a frame rail, below and forward of the driver's seat. I replumbed the system, as part of a four wheel disc conversion, and used a solid line front to back to eliminate the valve and replace it with line clamp. I then added an adjustable proportioning valve...
  9. DaveBob

    Best oil for Truetrac and Sure-Trac?

    Thank you for your response. Which unit are you running, the Truetrac or Sure-Trac? If you have a manual trans, any noise on coasting with the clutch in?
  10. DaveBob

    Best oil for Truetrac and Sure-Trac?

    You would lose that bet. I have four in mind, three of which I have never used before. And, as you can see, only one person had the courtesy to answer.
  11. DaveBob

    Best oil for Truetrac and Sure-Trac?

    Leo - Had you read my post more closely, you would have noted that the person with whom I would make any warranty claim (Doctor Diff) declined to recommend any brand of oil, only the type of oil, non-synthetic, 80W90, and my post specifically asks for brand recommendations within this...
  12. DaveBob

    Best oil for Truetrac and Sure-Trac?

    I am installing a brand new third member, stuffed with 3.91 gears and a Doctor Diff Sure-Trac limited slip unit. Doctor Diff and Eaton recommend non-synthetic gear lube, without any friction modifier. Doctor Diff likes 85W140 (but says that 80W90 is okay to use) and Eaton likes 80W90. I would...
  13. DaveBob

    SOLD 1970 Challenger SE

    Fastmark - I would like either a Cuda or a Challenger. A Cuda would be slightly easier for me to build only because some of my E-body parts only fit a Cuda. More important to me would be finding a manual trans 340 car, whether it is a Cuda or a Challenger. The Cuda in my picture is one I bought...
  14. DaveBob

    SOLD 1970 Challenger SE

    Nice project car. If you ever run across a 70 340 E-body, missing the original motor, I would be interested, since I have the correct motor and tons of parts.
  15. DaveBob

    Hello All, Long time Lurker and B Body owner now finally an E Body owner

    Great project car! You found the car I have been searching for, a 70 340 Cuda, missing the original engine, since I have an extra 340 from a 70 Cuda that got scrapped, plus lots of other parts for a 70 Cuda, accumulated from owning a 70 340 Cuda for 40+ years. I hope to be as lucky as you in my...