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  • Hey Matt I hear yah sometimes the green runs low. Sure will be glad when mine is finished and back on the road. Keep the siney side up Bud. Gary
    Thanks Gary, but I know wher there is one locally for less and I haven't decided if I can afford it right now, I have been spending like a fool lately on both cars and carburation for the Challenger is low on the priority list.
    Any members in Toronto other than me would like to start an e body club for going to show and shines and cruisin to car shows.
    Hello out there to all you e-body owners just thought I would post a message and say I am new to the website and look forward to chatting it up. The girl in the picture is one of my staff sorry guys she is not the dreamcatcher. My car is just finishing a 18 month total restoration will no longer be Panther Pink changed to Cherry Black she has a 340 six pack under the hood and we followed the T/A specs as close as possible other than the 73 grill and taillights. ( just plastice LOL ) Will post new pictures when she is on the road. Shiny side up, lock and load and yak later. Have some stuff left over and will be posting it for sale local pick up only in Toronto Canada
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