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  • Hey Grady, how you doing? hope you don't mind, I Just wanted to say hi, I hope everything is under control man.
    Aloha Grady: Thanks for the welcome, did post 2 photos before the start of the restoration. Will post more photos
    as soon as I find the best spot on this site to post more. Cheers Will
    OK i will. I bought my car after finishing high school back in 1981. NO motor, tranny no tag no build sheet. busted 3.23 gears. Cost $250. IT did have door decal with vin #, cowl and rad area #'s all matchQ. Did any 8 3/4 come with clutch type posi units. 2nd Q. My quarter glass date is 11-70 both sides of car . is that day eleven or month eleven. Thanks .
    Hi Grady, I like the pix of your T/A. Are you doing some engine work or a whole resto? I like that color. As you can probably figure out from my handle, we have a Cuda AAR. I love those Trans Am e-bodies. Ours is a survivor w 64,000 miles and we have no plans for restoration. Couple small rust spots where hood hinges attach which I will try to repair with minimal disturbance of original metal.
    Will send more
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