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  • Still have the Holley 2bbl? list 4792? I have an AAR auto and for some reason it has a list 4791. Dated Mar 5, 1970. Not sure if it was from factory that way as car has been in family since early 80s and was (?) not molested then. I really am not too concerned about this but if I could find the correct list I may go for it. Not on this forum much so contact me @ [email protected].
    Kevin, Just letting you know I plan on being at your place May 5th between 8 and 9am to pick up the 71 grill and taillights. I will bring the 900.00 cash balance with me. See you soon..

    Thank you
    Where in Wentzville? I grew up in that town, left in the late 90's but did go to FZ High in Ofallon. Grew up actually in Josephville by the GM plant. I need many parts for a build and have a lot of family there that could pickup if you are willing to deal. Do you have a list of what your trying to get rid of? Oh and I am working on on a 70 Barracuda.
    Very cool nice to meet you. I don't have a list, just way to much to list. I deal in Mopar parts as a side business. I deal in 64-74 A B & E body parts. What all are you looking for? I have a lot of e body parts right now. You can either contact me through this page or feel free to text or call me @ (573) 470-8019 Kevin
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