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    Carpet Installation

    Yes, I have been thinking the same thing. Whoever installed the current carpet, messed up around the headlight dimmer and the sill plates. I am going to take my time and make small alterations until I get a good fit. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Carpet Installation

  3. Mopar-Maniac

    Carpet Installation

    Thanks. Great information. Very helpful.
  4. Mopar-Maniac

    Carpet Installation

    Much appreciated!
  5. Mopar-Maniac

    Carpet Installation

    Thanks for you help. When I looked at the schematic for the interior, it looked like I would need to get under the car to remove the seats. However, I do not have a lift or ramps at this point, so I was hoping there may be a way to remove them from the inside - from the adjustment rails. I...
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    Carpet Installation

    Hello - I have been working on the interior of my 70 Challenger 318 with console/slap stik - Red on Red. I purchased new carpet from Auto Custom Carpets. My question pertains to removing the front seats. What is the best, most efficient way to remove the front seats so I can install the...
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    Chick with a Cuda

    Welcome from Florida! Some great pics and upgrades. Nice progress.
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    Dash speaker availability

    I ordered one from Herb's Mopar Parts. It had two 4" round speakers that you can hook up as Right and Left separately to get some stereo effect of you can hook them up as mono. The quality of the speaker is much better than the stock 4x10 stuff I have seen out there. Worth a look at least...
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    FOR SALE I have some used 70 Challenger interior parts. Not sure is these would be of interest to anyone?

    All - I have a set of used door panels, rear quarter interior panels and a center console (Automatic) that I removed from my 1970 Challenger recently. They are obviously used and have some wear and tear on them. They were black originally but painted Red when installed in my car (before I...
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    Hello From Wisconsin

    Greetings from Florida. I've been working on my project for 9 years. Just now getting it together, especially the interior and some wiring/lighting issues. Still needs some paintwork in a few areas. The thing you need to get used to is that you are never really done.
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    Here from NJ

    Welcome from Florida! Sounds like quite a collection!
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    Hello. And help!

    Welcome from Florida! Glad to see another 70 Challenger join the pack!
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    voltage to instrument panel lights?

    Tommy White, at Parts Hound rebuilds your original switches. He’s also a great resource for any electrical issue you may have. Partshound.net, +1 (262) 685-8943
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    LED Bulb Conversion

    Yes, you were spot on! Thanks Again!
  15. Mopar-Maniac

    LED Bulb Conversion

    FYI - I was able to get my hazards working with the United Pacific Flasher unit #90652 without the polarity reversing base installed. Works great. Another problem solved.