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    Timing chain question

    Hi, Welcome to FEBO. Why not also check into uor welconme wagon forum and tell us what you are running and a picture or 2. ? You do know that his site is primarily 1970-1974 Mopar vehicles and engines, right ? Someone may know but you should also look into sites for current, late model Mopar...
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    Front End Ride Height - 1970 Challenger

    The Factory Service Manual is always based on factory installed parts. Ride height and all alignment specs are based on factory rim and tire. Factory curb weight. Nothing to do with how it "looks " and is always measured under the car at the lower suspension points. Many people measure the...
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    1970 Cuda 340 4spd rally gauges dash harness needed???

    Year One/ M&H. Bill Evans. Custom harnesses, plug in. Other types are pretty much a you build it type.
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    Hello from Central Michigan

    :welcome: aboard.
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    New member - Boston

    :welcome: aboard
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    Hello from Missouri

    Right... Who is building the car for the engine ?
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    E-Body Rally Gauge Dash

    There were 2 major different gauge types. 1970-71 with an 8k tach and other differences and the 72-74 with the 7k tach, seat belt light and other small differences. They both use the same frame so your fitment problem is with the dash pad not the gauge cluster. Rallye Dash Differences in Interior
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    Hallmark Challenger Christmas Ornament for 2022

    My wife got mine a few days ago. They are pretty nice.
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    Mopar 727 small block transmission from 1987

    The bell housing will bolt up, it will most likely be a lock up convertor if it a car transmission. Is this 318 something special ?
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    Hello everybody

    :welcome: aboard. Pictures ?
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    fuel and air

    And this is for your "Ice cream getter"? and with Koffel heads to boot. Too funny.
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    Headers hitting my idler arm

    The first thing to do was to mock it up and check fit. It looks like it did more than just touch the tube. On any install first follow the mfg. instructions and second contact them if there is a problem right away. Looks like too late for number 2 as far as header damage. I don't think the...
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    Headers hitting my idler arm

    Factory heads and motor mounts ? Footnote #39
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    :welcome: aboard. If you have front drum brakes, that is the likely cause of the pull. Otherwise a worn strut rod bushing can cause the same thing. Get her up in the air and and do a complete inspection. If you are going to upgrade the front suspension, might as well do it all and upgrade the...
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    Correct carb number for 71 383 N96 4 speed

    Part number should be in the Factory Service Manual.