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  • moparleo - I am looking to have the original door hinges from my '71 Challenger rebuilt. I am an FEBO member. What do I need to do to get the process started? Pricing? Thanks Bill (aka ZippyZoo)
    Hello Leo,
    Attended a Car Show in La Habra Heights yesterday with an old friend of yours, Bob Freeman. He had his 1970 Z28 with him. Small world.
    Quick one for ya if you don't mind. been so long since I have done this an I am traveling so I can not look personally for a bit but I need/should change my gear lube. Question is what's the best way and is there a fill plug on top.
    Do you know of any manuals or books that would show placement of the window guides inside the doors? Car is a 72 Challenger. Thanks!
    I am looking for a door hinge and sure you can help me. 1973 Ebody. Are they universal side to side. My car came with the same part number on both. What are your terms. I need one large hinge. The other has already been replaced.
    since we are both in So Cal, I am in Whittier, I was wondering what car clubs are worth looking into? I appreciate your advice. Brad
    Doing well. Had some personal stuff that needed to be dealt with. Hope all is well with you. Spring is here and time to start up again on the car. A little more body work and time for paint!
    Hi just wanted to thanks you for posting the info on my idleing problems, still have it but you gave me some good things to try. I responded to your last message if you have any other idels let me know. Thanks again for all your help Greg J
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