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  • Awesome car rbbruno3! Love it
    May I asked where you purchased the billet hood hinges? and do you have them on the deck as well?
    Thank you , they are ring brothers hinges. Very pricey but what isn’t on these Mopars. No I don’t have them in the trunk
    Thank you, I’ve used them on one of the bosses Camaros, at the time didn’t have anything for the ebodies due to demand.
    And yeah, expensive but nice.
    I did end up getting the rear billet hinges for the mr norm cuda from someone. I’ll have to go through some more files.
    Thanks again.
    Rick, button should have reached you today, Wednesday 7-31-2019.
    USPS tracking # 9505 5131 8226 9210 1151 69
    You should get it today, let me know. Al
    Rick, just a heads up will be running over to Post Office tomorrow. Have the seat button ready for shipment. As soon as it’s off I’ll send you another heads up with shipping info.
    Thanks, Al
    Rick......$40.00 for that seat button was way out there, even for me. Should’ve just kept it reasonable. $20.00 will be fine, I should have agreed with you in the first place. If your not super upset with me, get back with me and that button is yours for the $20.00, with buyer carrying shipping. Sorry buddy, Al
    Aloha Bruno: Thanks for the welcome. I did post 2 images before the start of the restoration on the post Two Fish.
    Where on this site is the best place to post more images? Cheers Will
    Hello- Am looking for Challenger doors . Anything clean
    Have 71 Challenger. Looking for Rear finish panel w good reflectors.
    Thanks in Advance
    Hello, I noticed your profile pic and thought I'd ask you a question. I recently picked up a 70 RT in that exact color combo. While looking for a Buildsheet I found two other build sheets for other cars than mine. The other cars are also FC7 on white RT's. They are also 383, 4 speed cars. The vin ends with 221808. If your car is a match or you know where the car is let me know.
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