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    Instrument Cluster Adhesive Remover???

    3m general purpose adhesive remover works the best, however it is a chore getting the adhesive removed. put a good amount on a rag and rub then take a dry rag to glob it up and repeat. also a plastic razor blade is helpful. too much fun done it a hundred times.
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    70 challenger ... front door glass REAR BOLT to regulator info needed.. GOT IT TOGETHER

    It's been several months since I put my new glass in, but do you have the slides (pictured) I think that's what your after ?
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    not mine but wish it was. take a look

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    70 340 A66 in FC7 without... and with, its original V5X mouldings.... comparison

    Looks good with them, especially with the vinyl top. Can't go wrong with purple and black trim. Nice !!!
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    Challenger exhaust tips

    mine stick out less than half an inch, well known long time mopar shop in Denver Mopower masters just did my exhaust about a month ago and that is where they set the tips at. Tony has been around forever and is one of the most knowledgeable mopar guys around. your personal preference is all...
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    Howdy Folks ! as the sign says in down town Golden, Colorado

    weird indeed. when I purchased the car several years ago the seats had been recovered in not original interior vinyl and the backs were soft, I ordered new covers from legendary interiors and asked they be made with 72 material but soft backs, a few weeks later I purchased a used set of 72 hard...
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    Howdy Folks ! as the sign says in down town Golden, Colorado

    Home of the Golden Super cruise and the Mopar Mile High Nationals Block Part. So I joined FEBO a little over a year ago, and the restoration is finally done ( yea right as my buddy says, they are never done ) anyway thought it was about time I posted some photos for your viewing pleasure. I...
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    Thought you all might want to take a look at this 1971 challenger

    It is on craigslist Colorado Springs, Colorado. factory black car with blue interior. Feb 27 1971 dodge challenger 340 $45,000 (colorado springs)
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    SOLD sold

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    WTB 73 Cuda Remote release Hood catch

    eBay item number: 143939780725 I have one listed on ebay. if it's the safety catch that your looking for ?
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    SOLD 1990 Dodge

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    vinyl top moldings