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    EMS upgrade

    Does Mopar call the ECU an EMS unit? I thought maybe you needed an ambulance with EMT's.
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    Mopar 727 small block transmission from 1987

    Lockup started towards late 70's. I had a 79 Aspen, slant 6, with a lockup convertor. Chrysler had problem with them with the converter splines getting stripped off the convertor. Another change that was never fully tested before sticking it on cars. I got stuck with it as a result of that problem.
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    Nos upper control arm

    I have a set of upper control arms that are reproductions I bought from Mancini a few years ago and never installed. They have new bushings and new ball joints. Will only sell the pair for $200 plus shipping. Mancini # BU1857assy and I believe no longer available from them.
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    Back in the Day Drive In Movie Theater

    The last outdoor movie I went to was when we drove out to California and saw Forest Gump. I believe it was 1992. When they were the "in thing" back in the 60's and 70's spent many a Sat. night in the back seat with a female companion. Sometimes too lazy to go in the back because front seats were...
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    4 speed re install wont line up

    In another thread with this problem, I use B engine head bolts, remove just the head of the bolt using 2, and screw into the bellhousing to help line up the tranny.
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    Cuda Shaker Hood - Where Buy?

    I know he sells the shaker hood parts, bought it from him, but not sure about the hood.
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    Cuda Shaker Hood - Where Buy?

    I bought one last summer for a Cuda and they only had them with the hood pin openings. So I guess that was pretty much the last of them. AMD makes them but probably not a big enough demand for them or they would have been cranking them out. www.Stephensperformance would probably be your best bet...
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    4 speed re install wont line up

    The good thing about the head bolt is there are no threads on the bolt after threaded in the bell housing and tranny slides in easier. Since I had a few 440's in my Cuda before the installation of a gen2 Hemi , I have plenty of left over head bolts, so a no cost option, and I think there grade 8.
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    4 speed re install wont line up

    Another trick I've used is grind or cut the head of a b block head bolt off, the long ones, and screw 2 of them into the bell housing. Makes installation so much easier.
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    4 speed re install wont line up

    The Tranny came out of the setup? Did you replace the Clutch plate and did you get the right spline clutch? When I blew the clutch on my 68 Road Runner 383 4 speed, I went to a dealer and he gave me the 18 spline clutch plate instead of the 23 spline plate. Had to go back and get the right one...
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    4 speed re install wont line up

    I've done the pressure plate loose on a 55 Chevy, 58 Plymouth, 68 Road Runner and a 71 Cuda. So it is definitely possible to be done that way if you don't have the alignment tool. The tool just makes it almost full proof to get it together. You are turning the tranny shaft to line up the splines...
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    4 speed re install wont line up

    If you keep pressure plate bolts loose, clutch is easier to line up but then you'll have turn trans to line up splines on both. Keep tranny in 4th to turn it to line up the splines. I've done it that way with the 833 and a 440. Never had access to the tool until I converted to a Tremec 5 speed...
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    WTB Looking for 70 71 ebody emergency brake 70 71 only

    I know 71 is a 2 piece cable, 1 from the brake pedal and another 1 in the rear that goes to each rear drum. Are you looking for both?
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    Legendary Auto Upholstery

    Unfortunately politics is playing a big part in the absence of material. I know of model boat kit builders that can't supply any kits because there is no plywood available. This so called President has a new crisis everyday and the list goes on.
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    Factory Dash Pads - Options

    You may have to give up your dash core for a replacement, so don't be to quick to dispose of it.