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  1. MyR/T

    SOLD 1970-1974 Challenger

    Here they are.
  2. MyR/T

    SOLD 1970-1974 Challenger

    Unsure of year. Descent hood overall but has some rust in the lip area. Selling as a donor for patch panels. $100 pick up in Indiana 47715
  3. MyR/T

    SOLD 1971 Challenger Six Pack hood

    This hood came off a 1971 440+6 challenger. Appears to be rust free. Has the 3 holes on each side of the bulge for the six pack call outs. It has damage on the underside from the hinges like alot of them do. Also someone thought it was a good idea to weld up the hood pin holes and you can feel...
  4. MyR/T

    SOLD 1973 Challenger passenger door

    1973 Challenger door. Overall good condition. Has one spot of rust on front lower corner. One spot on interior that looks cut, just needs welded back. $150 picked up in Indiana 47715
  5. MyR/T

    SOLD 1970 Challenger driver door.

    1970 driver door . Good rust free door. Has holes for side molding. Do have the regulator for it. May be glass but unsure of condition. $300. Pick up in Indiana 47715
  6. MyR/T

    SOLD 8 3/4 pinion snubber

    Very nice 8 3/4 pinion snubber. Comes with the bolts. Located in Indiana 47715. Price is $50 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states.
  7. MyR/T

    SOLD 1971 340 exaust manifolds

    I have a nice set of 340 exaust manifolds that came off a 1971 Challenger. Car had a January 1971 build date. Heat riser is complete and works as it should. Also comes with the original heat sheild that does have issues. Can possibly be repaired or used as a template to build a new one...
  8. MyR/T


  9. MyR/T

    2 speed wiper motor wiring question

    I've tester the wiper motor and it works as it should using jumper wires. The wires at the motor. Blue wire has 12v with switch off. Turn on wiper switch blue wire .07v , red green and brown wires all have 12v. Wiper motor does nothing. Ran jumper wire from ground strap to body and still...
  10. MyR/T

    Need help with my horns

    There must be a loose wire at the fuse box . I've been testing wires and moving wires around and now it's working.
  11. MyR/T

    Need help with my horns

    Ok thanks. I'll try to call M&H and see if they can help. There is a G on the terminal the violet wire goes to. You would think the back ground wire would go there.
  12. MyR/T

    Need help with my horns

    My repro harness has a different style horn relay than my original. Don't know if these wires are correct or not. Here's a pic of what I have going to the relay. Any idea if this is correct?
  13. MyR/T

    Need help with my horns

    I found it. I'll check the wires tomorrow. Thanks
  14. MyR/T

    Need help with my horns

    Thanks Chryco. Is there a diagram that shows which wires go to the horn relay? I don't see it on my diagram.
  15. MyR/T

    Need help with my horns

    Hello everyone. Doe anyone know what might cause my horn to work when the key is in the off position and when the key is turned back towards you in the accessory position but it won't work when key is in the on/ run position. I have all new harnesses. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. MyR/T

    Having problem with fuse blowing. Need help

    Ok thanks. It's probably paint. It's pretty fresh off the rotisserie.
  17. MyR/T

    Having problem with fuse blowing. Need help

    Turns out the rear side marker lights didn't have a good ground and that's what was causing the fuse to keep blowing. How are the cluster lights grounded? Mine aren't working. Plus my light over the heater control only comes on when I turn the dimmer switch to where the dome light should come...
  18. MyR/T

    Having problem with fuse blowing. Need help

    It doesn't come on at all. I'll see if I can figure out where it's grounded.
  19. MyR/T

    Having problem with fuse blowing. Need help

    I unplugged the rear light harness and it quit blowing the fuse. I'll check the tailight sockets when I get a chance. Thanks. Any clue why my light bar would come on when I turn the wiper switch ?