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  1. Xcudame

    1964 Stingray

    I vote for ride it like it is and enjoy it! 😁
  2. Xcudame

    Anybody have success with dominators on a e body ?

    Quick and dirty way to calculated needed cfm is double the cubic inches of the engine. 440 x 2 = 880 So an 850 cfm would work great. Hmmm, what do you know, the factory Thermoquad from the 70's was 850 cfm for 440s. You can tune just about any size carburator to run on any size engine. It all...
  3. Xcudame

    new member 73 Challenger

    Welcome to FEBO from the desert! Nice looking 73 Challenger! Driving them is always fun!
  4. Xcudame


    Lokar is known to work well. Hanging from a cliff by a rope, would you want a $50 rope or $130 rope? 😁 Personally I just love the three piece rod and lever kickdown linkage, but that's just my preference.
  5. Xcudame

    AAR project

    AAR were Cuda's (BS23JOB) and Challenger T/As were base (JH23JOB). The 340 T/A blocks are a beefier animal that the regular 340s. Is the original 727 automatic there? Does the 340 have the correct 6 pack intake and carbs? Just trying to access what's missing besides the original T/A block (yes...
  6. Xcudame

    Brake issue

    You can bleed the master cylinder with it on the car! No need to remove it! Challenger RTA may be onto something!
  7. Xcudame

    72 Cuda grille trim

    Nothing, not even AMD fits like the factory original parts. Unfortunately, NOS and originals are long gone or replaced because of rust or damage.
  8. Xcudame

    Brake issue

    Sounds like something wrong with the "new" master cylinder. It happens! with the rubber bleed hoses connected to both front and rear ports, you should be able to flow fluid all day long! Side note, replacing every thing new, you did capitalize on the opportunity to use DOT 5 brake fluid, right?
  9. Xcudame

    72 Cuda grille trim

    Kind of like a Pal nut.
  10. Xcudame


    I'd call Holley tech services and tell them what you have and get their advice. They will help you. 1 866-464-6553
  11. Xcudame

    Hello from oregon

    We've all seen worse! Great thing is the aftermarket makes a lot of parts for E-Bodies. Be sure to take photos of all the stickers under the hood (brake booster, decals on passenger inner fender) and save what you can!
  12. Xcudame


    Assuming you have a 16psi radiator cap, 220°F is awful. System is good for 250°+F with that cap. A tight rebuild will have more friction until everything is broke in well. Definitely sounds like a fuel issue. I'm not too familiar with Holley Sniper fuel injection. I do know Holley and the folks...
  13. Xcudame

    AAR "T" style bumper jack lenght

    Between 34.75 and 35 inches. See below:
  14. Xcudame

    Hello from oregon

    Yes, it's very sad. There's a 66 Satellite near me that's been baking here in the desert for decades. And they won't sell it.
  15. Xcudame

    Hello from oregon

    We don't care if they're pictures of a diamond in the rough. Those are fun to enjoy looking at also.
  16. Xcudame

    Seat belt bolt question

    You're correct. All rear seat belt bolts are C11. See below:
  17. Xcudame

    Hello from oregon

    Welcome to FEBO from the desert! My wife used to have a cousin that lived in Boring Oregon. You're going to get a lot of requests for pictures of your 73 Challenger!
  18. Xcudame

    Hello there, thankyou for letting me join the group!

    Welcome to FEBO from the desert! Nice car! That's a stout small block!
  19. Xcudame

    73 340 4 speed correct colors for bellhouse and 833 trans

    Chryco is absolutely correct, the bell housing would just have over spray on it when the engine was painted. Seems a lot of people "over restore" parts like painting transmissions, trunk floors and interior metal. The engine exhaust manifolds were on the phone when painted, so they have over...
  20. Xcudame

    Looking for paint color examples , dark moonstone

    And this article from Challenger RTA may be helpful too. PAINT 1 1973-74 DAR Acrylic Enamel