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    FOR SALE 1970 Challenger Seats (complete front & rear)

    For sale is a really decent and original set of front and rear seats. Upholstery is still soft and appears to be original with only a few minor issues which are noted in the photos. Comes with standard seat tracks which have some rust but no rot or deep pitting. Can be easily cleaned up or fully...
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    SOLD 1970 Challenger T/A

    FOR SALE - 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A Numbers matching with Govier documentation, broadcast sheet and fender tags. 62,000 miles. Top Banana with black interior. 4 speed with 3.91 option rear. Sam Posey-signed glove box door. This car retains a very large portion of the parts that it rolled off...
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    Hello from Huntsville Al

    Welcome from NW CT. Looks like you have your work cut out for you but nothing that can't be fixed. Please keep up posted on your progress...
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    Evening to all!

    That's a good start... :lol::thumbsup:
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    Evening to all!

    Welcome from NW CT. If you've been stalking us then you might have heard Show us that Mopar man...
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    New old guy Ontario Canada

    Welcome from NW CT. Car looks great - show us more man...
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    Hello from Annapolis

    Welcome from NW CT. Show us more man...
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    Hello from Knoxville TN

    Welcome from NW CT. You gotta show us more of that 'Cuda man...
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    Hello from Mass

    Welcome from NW CT just down the road. Keep us updated on your progress with that cool Challenger man...
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    Hello form Ohio

    Welcome from NW CT. That car looks great man...
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    Nice to meet you!

    Welcome from NW CT USA. Car looks great man. Show us more of that badass Challenger.
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    Before & After

    Looks great man...
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    New old guy from California

    Welcome from NW CT.
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    1970 15” Trim Ring options

    I also had Rick Miller restore mine. The original rings for the T/A and AAR are 3 1/8" deep - they are less than 3" for the rallye wheels, I believe 2 3/4". I'm not sure what car the OP has other than a 1970. The 3 1/8" deep rings are not reproduced and as Jeff stated above, "Nothing is like the...
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    Hello from the great white north

    Welcome from NW CT. Love those race photos...
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    new to mopars: from Steve, flat plains of nebraska

    Welcome from NW CT. Good luck with your project...
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    Window Trim

    1.) Yes, the lower windshield corner trim pieces get screwed into those "slotted" holes you mention. No clips for that. You can seal it if you want but it was not from the factory to my knowledge. 2.) Mopar E Body 70 71 72 73 74 EWeatherstrip Channel (Drip Rail) to Roof Sealing Strips Rolls 3.)...
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    Hi from Downunder!

    Welcome from NW CT USA. Best of luck with your search...
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    Hello From Planet Utah

    Welcome from NW CT. Nice work man...
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    Hello from CT

    Welcome from NW CT. Keep us posted on your progress. Where in CT are you?