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FOR SALE 1970-74 Challenger miscellaneous interior parts

Cuda - Challenger Parts for Sale

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    Jan 20, 2017
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    E47C20FD-ADB8-4042-9ADC-98F9B147523A.jpeg 5683B4F2-BF5A-4555-9969-31DA1CE3669E.jpeg E-body affacianados, I am selling some miscellaneous interior parts for ‘70-74 Challenger. These are a repost but asking for offers on these original OE super clean parts. I know these can be picked on line as new, but these are original and very clean. Take a look and see if there’s an interest here. I am willing to bundle and I am flexible on pricing. I’m in SoCal and will ship lower 48 with buyer carrying shipping. I use USPS priority box which is reasonable, Canada is a bit more cost wise. Sorry I don’t do PayPal but will accept USPS or Bank M.O. which is fine for me. Look at pics maybe I can help you out with your resto or missing or needs replacing parts. Thanks again, Al
    Pic #1
    (2) outside door handles
    (2) arm rests
    (2) door pull cups
    (2) inside door handles
    (2) lock levers
    (4) window winders will fit A, B and E-body cars ‘68-74 with screws, thin plastic spacers and escutcheon springs
    (4) shoulder harness clips
    (2) dome light assembly’s
    (2) lock levers
    (2) E-brake pedal pads and trim bezel
    (4) window winders, plastic spacers will fit ‘68-74 A,B and E-body cars
    (2) inside door handles
    (1) 4-speed reverse indicator light for some will fit E-body and some A, B body cars
    (1) ‘70 bucket seat, back rest push button
    (2) radio knobs
    (1) glove box light switch and lens
    Thanks for looking, Al