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FOR SALE 1970 E-Body LH Cable Control Side View Chrome Sport Mirror

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  1. Bob Nossal

    Bob Nossal Member

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    Jul 6, 2018
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    I have a factory used chrome LH remote sport mirror for a 1970 Challenger or 'Cuda/Barracuda. The part number on the mount is 3454036. The cable works fine but the swivel behind the mirror needs to be tightened. The mirror glass would need to be removed and replaced to do this. The original mirror glass has some light scratches. The chrome is pitted but not heavy although there are other flaws such as light scratches. The control knob is pitted. This mirror could be restored if you need a factory original part or tighten the swivel and replace the glass to use it "as is" for a driver. I am asking $25 plus shipping.

    e mirror 1.JPG

    e mirror 2.JPG

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