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FOR SALE 7/28/69 Hemi Block for sale, blank VIN pad, was NOS before assembled.

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Jun 13, 2020
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Hemi short block for sale.

Hello everybody. I’m selling my 7/28/69 Hemi block, crank and rods. This is kinda fun so try and follow along. This is an over the counter, bare block that Dick Landy built back 8/12/1971. As Landy would often do he took the block, bored it .060 over to get a few more cubic inches out of it. Then he installed a stock Hemi crank, rods and 12.5 compression pistons.
The owner installed the complete engine but never fired it….it sat for many years for what ever reason. Then decided to pull the engine and put it in storage. The engine sat for many more years and here is where the problem happened. Water got inside a few of the ports and leaked into the bores and it sat for some time rusting away. When I got the engine it did not spin very well. I took it all apart and found a few of the bores had some damage due to rust. Here are your options. There is a possibility that this will clean up at .070 over. A 4.250 bore plus a .070 equals 4.320, that is the same bore as a 440 so rings and a custom Hemi piston would be no problem. Your other option is to sleeve it back to stock, i like this option. If you have a good machine shop then that is no problem at all and will be very reliable. QMP, Ray Barton or Dave Dudek will have no problem doing this. Because this block was a “over the counter block” there is no VIN number stamp on it AND there is no warranty tag or rivet holes. There is no assembly dates stamped or any other stampings on it. The only stampings I see on it is a WT witch stands for Water Tested, all stock blocks had this stamp back in the day. There is a very cool DLI stamping on the engine pad that is very light but if you did not want that stamp I’m sure paint would fill it up. So let me sum this up for you:

7/28/69 Block, can be used in 1970 or 1971 and be dated correctly.
No VIN numbers stamped anywhere.
No assembly date stamped anywhere.
Not O Ringed or modifications.
Factory Hemi crank that is std/std on the journals.
Factory Hemi rods that are perfect.
It comes with the pistons but I would not run them due to some corrosion.

I would prefer local pickup but sipping is not a problem. I can box it up and put it on a pallet but you arrange the shipping.

I’m in Simi Valley CA.

Price is $10,000

Thanks for looking, Troy










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