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Carlisle 2020 Parts Availability

Restoration Parts and Materials

  1. 69bfan

    69bfan FEBO Vendor FEBO Vendor

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    Mar 25, 2018
    Now that the uncertainty is behind us for the upcoming Carlisle 2020, we will be located in our usual spots next to building T in rows H and I in spots 138-143. We will be downsizing, so if there should be any special request, please let me know ASAP. We will attempt to take care of those needs as parts availability allows. If there should be any questions, please contact me directly at the information as provided below. See those attending in a couple of weeks.

    70-74 Cuda & Challenger Rear Window Louver Kit with Hardware: $795.00
    71 Cuda Lower Valance Grill Insert: $195.00
    70-74 Cuda Tail Panel Emblem: $30.00
    70-74 Challenger Exterior Door Handles: $105.00 per Pair
    70-71 Ralley Wheel Insert Cap, set of four: $15.00
    70 Cuda & Challenger Primered Driver Side Remote Racing Mirror: $105.00
    71-74 Cuda & Challenger Chrome Driver Side Remote Mirror: $105.00
    70-74 Cuda Door Panel Emblems: $35.00 per Pair
    70-74 Cuda & Challenger Door Lock Strikers, Correct Star Patterns and Washers: $35.00 per Pair
    70-74 E-Body Correct Length and Style Seat Studs and Nuts, Four of Each: $28.00 per Kit
    70-71 Cuda Rim Blow Center Cap "Fish" Emblem: $35.00
    71-71 Cuda Rim Blow Center Cap including Fish Emblem: $195.00
    70-74 Cuda & Challenger Interior Door Lock Handles: $20.00 per Pair
    70-71 OE Correct Positive Battery Cables: $145.00
    70-71 OE Correct Negative Battery Cables: $85.00
    70-72 Cuda & Challenger Disc Brake Dust Shields: $50.00 per Pair
    70 AAR Cuda Front and Rear Spoiler Package with Hardware: $235.00
    AAR & TA Correct Hood Pin Mounting Kit, Specify Body Type: $65.00 per Kit
    Stainless Steel Hood Pin Mounting Kits, Specify Lanyard Length: $35.00 per Kit
    70-74 Challenger Exhaust Tips: $175.00 per Pair
    70-74 Cuda Exhaust Tips: $175.00 per Pair
    TA & AAR Exhaust Tips: $235.00 per Pair
    70-74 E-Body Resonator, 11-12-69 Date Code: $55.00 Each
    70-74 E-Body Muffler Heat Shields: $50.00 per Pair
    ACC Carpet: $145.00 per Kit add $60.00 for Mass Backing; must be ordered by June 30th for Delivery to the Show
    Basic Weatherstripping Kit: Door, Roof Rail & Trunk Seal: $140.00
    Top Cat Window Felts: $150.00
    Correct Stenciled and Grooved Heater Hose Kits: $70.00 standard & $75.00 for AC equipped
    Hemi Oil Pan: $145.00
    Package Tray: $20.00 without Speakers, $40.00 with Speakers: Specify Color
    Molded Factory Style Hood Pad Insulation: $75.00
    Coachman Grain Sun Visors: $100.00
    Headliners: $65.00
    Trunk Mats: $50.00 standard rubber mat
    Fuel Tank Pad: $12.00 factory waffled tar paper as original

    For all of the factory correct stripes and decals as licensed through Chrysler, drop me an email or a phone call so that we can get the correct one for your needs.

    Ph. 404-643-5760
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  2. Murray

    Murray Member

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    Aug 25, 2017
    Hello Richard,

    I will not be able to attend Carlisle this year. I'm in the process of putting a new fiberglass hood on my AAR Cuda. Can you ship me the Plymouth AAR correct hood pin mounting kit? I also need the correct negative ground battery cable. If you're able I could use those two items to finish my AAR.

    Please let me know and thank you,

    Murray Prins
  3. 69bfan

    69bfan FEBO Vendor FEBO Vendor

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    Mar 25, 2018
    @Murray I have sent you a private message.
  4. MerlinsMopars

    MerlinsMopars Well-Known Member

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    Dec 16, 2019
    Can you get the 71 rt stipe kit in chartreuse? Also the hood stripe, same color? If so, what's your prices? ,