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Challenger r-bumpers. ft black door panels.white convertible door panel ft bk

May 10, 2010
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I have spare bumper off 72-3 Challenger Rubber stops need replace but in good condition 125.00 obo average condition car or use as for original rechrome at JCP or IAH which are the best restorers core exchange 125.00 obo less than exchange core

71 Counsel less ashtray need touch up has counsel lid 75.00

1971 Dodge Challenger Black Original inside Door panels reduced 280.00 pair cash good condition OBO, Left and right inside door panel black- original factory issue A- B+ condition

Original white set of door panels and convertible rear convertible set. These are original factory issue # match. Will need restoration these are restorable through Just Dashes inc. and others Original factory stamping

Interested in can send pic

1971 Dodge Challenger Black Original Inside Door panels reduced 280.00 pair cash good condition OBO

1 extras arm rest 25.00 and 1 wood grain inserts 1 25.00 each

I also have a rear bumper 70-74 Challenger good for

Left and right front fender 1971 Challenger. Good shape except from near head light behind lip has pop rivet repair from previous owner on both and will need 8-10 inches cut out and rehabbed, complete with light assembly core 375.00 for both. Great start for and original with easy refab

1 extra center counsel complete less ashtray. Fair condition restorable 80.00

May have other things you want moving to Phx Sept 2010

View local in Chicago area by 8/24/2010

can ship also