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WTB Mopar Performance Intake Manifold P4529118 or P4532063, for RB 440


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Aug 25, 2013
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Mascoutah, IL
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I’m looking for a Mopar Performance Intake Manifold P4529118, for RB 440 in nice original condition with no cracks or excessive porting, and with good threads.

It is also sometimes listed as or marked P4532063, possibly on the bottom.

I believe they called this the M1 dual plane intake possibly.

This is an aluminum copy of the stock RB 440 intake made by Mopar Performance.

I’m just looking to save weight and my back if I need to remove it, and keep the stock airgrabber system functional as factory.

Please PM me by clicking the contact seller button or my username tallhair and selecting the private message option.

Thanks all.
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