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FOR SALE Revenator Ignition and Firecore wires

Cuda - Challenger Parts for Sale

  1. SeahawkShawn

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    Apr 5, 2019
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    Ignition setup for a 383 (or a 400) with ~30 miles on it. We decided to pull motor apart and go a different route with the ignition. Asking $450 $400 + Shipping (Lynnwood,WA)

    What’s included
    • Revenator system – Custom Wire Sets & Performance Products :: FireCore50 Ignition Wires : Firecore Distributor, ECU – Orange, Coil
    • Firecore 8.5 wires - Custom Wire Sets & Performance Products :: Ignition Components : Complete set with longer coil wire to move to back of intake or possible fenderwell . One plug boot has some cuts from header bolt