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    Stock Engine or a option

    The 383 was standard in the Cuda and RT in 1970 and 1971. The 340 was an extra cost option. There were no big blocks in 1972, 73 or 74.
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    I ordered the 72 Barracuda we have new from the dealer. It came with the white dot on the switch. It had the letters in white on the panel, but after a few years it fell off and there was a one beneath it with the letters in color.
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    found 70 challenger

    I would try to find out if that VIN is registered to another car which I believe is illegal. You have the actual car with the VIN stamped on the body. It is possible the dash and fender tags were just lost. These cars are 50 plus years old now, so anything is possible. I would make sure I could...
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    Seriously thinking about buying this car .

    I had more than one build sheet and one was under the rug.
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    LED Dashboard lighting 73 Challenger

    I put them in a non-rallye dash. They work great and no modifications were needed. The dimmer switch still works as it should.
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    Found a 74' Barracuda

    That Barracuda would need to be a great deal. Because of the high prices these cars sell for it seems a lot of people ask crazy prices for them in poor condition.
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    Found a 74' Barracuda

    What is he asking for it? If the price is right and you have the skills to repair it, maybe it would be a good deal. Just about everything is available in reproduction parts. Are you looking for something to drive or are you wanting one for a full restoration?
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    73 door glass regulator on 70 challenger??

    I think he is asking if the newer style regulator will work in a 1970 door. It should work fine. It doesn't work the other way. A 1970 piece doesn't work in the newer doors. If I remember correctly it is because of the steel beam added to the newer cars.
  9. 57fury440

    73 cuda headliner?

    The 73 should have 4 bows. The 73 will also have the top and bottom pieces for the sail panel. You also need the two little wires that connect the back bow to the rear of the roof.
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    Cuda Dash Pad?

    On the newer pad there is a recessed area for the nameplate to go on. Yours is a one year only and I can see how that wouldn't look right. With the cap it has to be fit properly to look good.
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    Cuda Dash Pad?

    The 74 Barracuda my son owns has a cap. Like moparleo said if you prepare the dash before installing you can get a cap to fit nicely. His has been on for 20 plus years and still looks good. He drives his car. A show car needs a new pad.
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    Fender Tag & Window Sticker

    I don't think he is trying to fool anybody into thinking the tag is original. He just wants one so it looks correct.
  13. 57fury440

    Found a 74' Barracuda

    Has it run since the fire? There is a very good chance the wiring harness is cooked.
  14. 57fury440

    Fender Tag & Window Sticker

    You need either a broadcast sheet or a fender tag. Without them all you know about the car is what the V.I.N. tells you. The '72 I purchased new had a broadcast sheet under the front and rear seats. The '74 my son bought in '95 had one under the rear seat. My friends '74 had one under the rug.