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  • 71droptop, my wiring for the reverse light is in with the rear lights. Which is on the inside of the car,down one side, under the door sill then behind the dash. The reverse light switch that is on the trans, goes thru the firewall with other wires, thru a rubber gromet..(i believe, under the master cylinder, just to the left side of it)
    Hello 71 droptop! All I have are some interior parts- Back when I started there was no repo parts offered so I got parts as I found them. Now so much is repo-but it still does not look the same as OEM. What parts are you needing? Do you have a manual or power top?
    Hi 71droptop. I must have forgotten this area for messages was here. It said I had a message but I couldn't find it. Wasn't ignoring you just I'm not too good on puter and sites. Don't remember posting any pics and my brackets are missing. Sorry I can't help you more. Welcome to the board. Ray
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