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  • hey Neil thanks for the reply! thanks for your suggestion, ur mr guru!!! is this by far the best cam you suggest or are there others?
    Sorry I guess I missed this , when did you post it ??
    I assume you want to stay with a hyd cam , solids seem to make a lot more power but require adjustable rockers , 273 rockers work great for this .for a Hyd cam I would look at the Voodoo cams from Lunati , duration control the RPM range of the cam & you have to be careful with this if you are not going to change the torque converter .
    What I would do is choose a cam with an 1800 - 5800 powerband & use a 2200 stall converter to match . This should work well with the stock engine . the 60403 meets this , if you are not changing the converter the 60402 is what I would use
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