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  • Does anyone own a sunroof car? I have 1 in canada and seen 1 in carlisle,but was wondering how many there are left?
    Chryco Psycho
    I have seen a few over the years , very few ! Not common for sure !
    Hey Cp, was just wondering if you could help me out with cam & intake selection for my stock '70 340...i would have put a post on c-c.com but tryin to keep it a secret from a memeber there (gotta kick his rear)...i'm trying to keep the car as original looking as possible (an all original a66 car) but i need some more go..its got 3.23's in it currently, was looking at getting another set of gears possibly too (have another 489 case)...car is mostly street driven..any suggestions? little recap...3.23/auto/stock x headed 340/currently 670 vac holley/single point distributor, willing to upgrade all eventually, but really wanting to keep the stock manifolds..
    Are you wanting a Hyd cam , hyd roller , solid flat tappet or solid roller ?
    You can always call Jeff or Steve @ Lunati & see what they suggest
    I was talking with my mechanic about Lunati Voodo cams. I have a 70 440 with steel crank 9.7 compression. I plan to run a Performer RPM with a Carter AVS. I have power disc brakes, power steering, and air Conditioning. I am looking for a good cam that will give me power, but not suck up my vacuum. What Lunati Voodo cam would work best? Your help is appreciated.
    Regards, Ariovistus
    Mopar leafs suck , they always sit to low a sag fast , Espo has a better product .
    the voltage limiter should not blow out but it obviously not working now so if you have 12v feed to the black wire the limiter is the problem .
    You need to pick the lock into the locked position then the retainer to release the lock can be dpressed , it may be easier to just unbolt the glove box door & take it to a locksmith
    hey chryco, im a friend of tod i just replaced my leafsprings.tires are in wheelwell about 2 inches is this right? to me it seems low. mopar leafs from summit new shocks thanks dave
    do you have a pic of glove box lock ,how to remove. bought car no key to glove box need to change lock. thanks for any help. dave
    hey neil i have 1 more question,i tested the voltage limiter with a volt meter.put + on temp gauge _ on ground and turn ignition on car not running no pulse on meter.gauges dont work.would burnt alt wire make volt limiter bad?volt gauge needle blew out.thanks for all your help. dave k in sc
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