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Apr 2, 2014
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    1. Monsterzero
      Thanks for the reply. You're right, it's not quite what I was looking for, but "kudos" to you for having the insight to buy it in '79 for way less than what you could get for it today!
    2. Monsterzero
      Dear Fastmark,
      I read your reply to the fellow member who was considering buying a B5 AAR 'Cuda.
      You mentioned that you had a green AAR "parts car" that you were constantly turning down offers of 35K for.
      I wanted to ask, what price would you consider selling it for?
      I've been looking for a #s matching, lime-lite, 4-speed AAR for some time and figured it wouldn't hurt to ask you about your car.
      Thanks for your time.
      1. fastmark
        Well this car does not quite fit your specs. Its a Lime green poly not lime-light. I think it is F3. Its and auto on the floor as well. It does have matching numbers, tag and a broadcast sheet. It is funny that I bought it as a parts car back in 79 and kept it inside all these years. I never needed any parts for my other AAR, thank goodness.
        Mar 25, 2018
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