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    Hi everyone! I need some help to decide what engine I should go with. First of all my 440 block is not good to build on and now I got 2 options. 1: a 452 cui stroker 400 block 2: a 512 cui stroker 440 I have the same heads ( B1 BS).
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    opinions on a 440 tunnel ram set up?

    I am thinking the same, a tunnel ram on my 440. Here's some specs: Mopar performance cast Frank 5249207 BME aluminum rodd 426 Venolia Pistons 535 Brodix B1 BS heads, 65cc. Comp cams 704 lift, 1,6 rull vippor. Holley 1050 Dominator APD Indy intake. Indy maxxolje pumplock. Indy valleypan Melling...
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    440 big block aluminum heads ?

    Sorry, wrong post.
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    Hi everyone. Change of plans. I'm not going for the 4 link, going for the Cal tracks instead. Thinking of moving the leaf spring into the frame. Have some questions: 1. Should I go with the stock E body rear end and buy other rims with alot of backspacing? 2. Or should I go with the '68 - '70 B...
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    A body rearend in an E body ?

    Hi Frank! This is exactly what I am thinking to do ön mine Challenger. Do you have any pics from under the car? Curious of the leaf spring solution. Thanx and you got an nice car.
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    8 3/4 A body axle into an E body?

    Has anybody done this swap or I'm out on thin ice so to speak? Or should I just go with the original E body axle?
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    8 3/4 A body axle into an E body?

    Thanx alot, very helpfull information.
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    8 3/4 A body axle into an E body?

    I'm thinking of putting a A body axle Into my '70 Challenger, will it fit or? My rims is Centerline with 15' × 10' and I think with 2.5' backspace .
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    Lightweight aluminum bumper brackets

    I'm interested in a pair of front brackets to my Challenger 70. Will you ship to Sweden?
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    Comment by 'Mikael L.' in item 'Team Linkas Racing'

    Thanks alot. He passed away in 1999 but it still feels like it was yesterday
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    I found a time slip from 2016 I think. It's 1/8 mile track.
  12. Team Linkas Racing

    Team Linkas Racing

    This is a tribute to my brother who are no longer with us. I inherited the car and he was a dedicated Mopar guy, he had plans to make a Street and Strip car and now I have. Feel free to comment. Mopar or No Car.
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    Challenger Back Half

    What happened to this project? I'm interessed to see more pictures since I'm in the building of my own. Thanks!