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Team Linkas Racing

  • This is a tribute to my brother who are no longer with us. I inherited the car and he was a dedicated Mopar guy, he had plans to make a Street and Strip car and now I have. Feel free to comment. Mopar or No Car.
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  1. Mikael L.
    Thanks alot. He passed away in 1999 but it still feels like it was yesterday
  2. Cudafor36
    My condolences to you and yours on the heart felt loss. Make him proud and carry on his dream.
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  3. 340challconvert
    Great tribute to your brother.
    I just lost my younger brother just last month and I of course will miss our on-going bench racing that we always got into. I was Mopar and he was Chevy!
    Like what you built in your brother's honor!
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