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1970 Barracuda Gran Coupe - Original Auto & A/C 383 car

  • This lovely Barracuda was not supposed to happen already, but as you probably know, cars come up for sale when THEY want to, and not when YOU want them to..

    This was no different, so not to long after I got the Challenger, I was made aware of this 1970 Barracuda, which was "sort of for sale". The very same day as I solved the Challenger's ignition issue, and it was able to drive away from the barn by itself, a buddy and I decided that "it would be best", if we drove directly to Copenhagen IN the Challenger, to look at the Cuda... and what happened, you probably figured out already. ;-)

    In my eyes, this particular fish seem to be in great condition, but as all old cars, it has issues. I always try to give my new cars the impression, that they are safe with me, so I already have a shopping list of parts. I think it may have serious electrical issues, so I will start off with some fresh wires, under the dash, and a fresh engine harness too.

    One thing that REALLY needs replacing, is the front seat covers, but I am beginning to doubt that I will be able to find the right ones. To my horror, I dont see my Barracudas fabric on Legendary's website, OR in the "downloadable catalog". However, the website is near impossible to navigate, with images of only selections. It seems that it's not gettin any better, OR faster.. actually it seems a bit worse, than last December!? It's so slow, that often, I get distracted by work, or my kids. while waiting for pages to load.

    Because of the low resolution pictures I found first time I looked, I assumed that the fabric I needed, was the one that Legendary referred to as "houndsteeth", but I Googled it and found higher resolution pic's, and found that houndsteeth was a fabric VERY different from mine, (which is some sort of "velour cut in a pattern"), and I'd REALLY like to do the right thing, and bring this interior back to it's original glory!

    So, I hope and pray, that some of you "Cuda experts" could verify, if the "velour'ish insert fabric" in the pictures are original, or not.. and if you know anything about Legendary, or anyone else makes repro covers in this particular fabric / style! I can't seem to even find any identical seats covers on the internet.. or did I just not search long enough?

    Also, I was wondering, if the Gran Coupe came with painted (metal) bumpers, or if someone painted them along the way? It came to Holland in around 2012, painted red (originally gold), and seems to have had a respray (good quality) there, in a slightly brighter red. Now, I don't particularly like red cars (or painted bumpers for thet matter).. but I have to admit, that it's starting to grow on me.

    Anyways, I hope you will enjoy checking out the Barracuda. Unfortunately, I bought it VERY late in the season, so I don't have a lot of pictures yet... actually just from when we went to look at it, and a few more the pick up, the evening it arrived in my driveway, and the next (frozen) morning.

    it's resting in my "half way completed" garage now.. doing the old "Mexican staredown" with the Charger! :-D

    Merry "E-Mas" everybody, and a "Happy E-Year"

    12694947_1050568511676569_804044744872201286_o.jpg 46495790_299937257516951_518289079591239680_n.jpg 46499055_256273851735864_1867834771124518912_n.jpg 46499158_493265717835777_2726589747970441216_n.jpg 46507298_185784392360851_8054886498480160768_n.jpg 46513382_294165871208182_5304516624693329920_n.jpg 46519254_329229417659605_396433534484480000_n.jpg 46712054_353917228504005_3757769631478054912_n.jpg 15589539_10211287013434153_168018245785854053_n.jpg
    48340888_128730114714091_6121157046315253760_n.jpg 48354950_2087021218010609_6676894259292930048_n.jpg 48361077_353338025399393_6607426998685925376_n.jpg 48361949_337492420366310_7905907015128449024_n.jpg 48415683_269799337036465_3787642168403820544_n.jpg 49050809_218241945731083_6391753107088343040_n.jpg 49083404_374006833372442_637349026190065664_n.jpg 49274283_213382399544681_6106810356603027456_n.jpg 49682572_212987882971471_4872967128359108608_n.jpg 48429741_540590649775674_6850327169009188864_n.jpg 49601751_337293420425906_6871352416902578176_n.jpg 49701152_536863863482851_5706775822753333248_n.jpg
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  1. Knock Out
    very cool car
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  2. Lime Lite 70
    Hi back again yes your hood should be a J54 Sports hood and you should have the L34 Road lamps. I just checked my vin tag I have the J54 hood and the L34 Road lamps are not listed on my tag but they came on the car I bought it new. Also my seats are P6X9 6 is vinyl but the X9 is Black and White, mine is Black Vinyl with Horizontal lines sewn the the material. So some things are right and other are different. Good Luck
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    1. Chryslerdude
      Thanks man, and thanks a lot for confirming this. ;-)
      Chryslerdude, Feb 24, 2019
  3. Lime Lite 70
    I found that the P5X9 are the Black and White houndstooth material with vinyl borders and the red inserts are on the outer ridge of the seat. I think they were replaced and had the red insert sewn into the inner ridge. the only other color is Black and Burnt Orange with Bright orange inserts. Also your car with the 383 with 2 bbl auto is one of 945 made and the bumpers were painted not coated like they were. The material that is in the seats may be real hard or impossible. But who ever did them had the buttons where they are met to be and the insert color is correct but in the wrong location. the other seat pattern # was P5X4. Nice looking car and the under side is almost spotless how did they keep it so clean.
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    1. Chryslerdude
      I missed your reply Friday and the "alert", and actually just posted my latest "seat-findings" in the interior forum, as I pulled the covers from the seats today.. They may still be "not original", but if so.. MAN, the upholstery guy did a good job hiding the evidence! I didn't see a SINGLE hole from any previous stitching anywhere, and I really looked for them!
      Chryslerdude, Feb 24, 2019
    2. Chryslerdude
      The underside must have been either bead blasted, or cleaned some other very efficient way, and then painted red. Not to happy about the paint, but it does show the great condition, which of course made me super happy. It's ALMOST spotless, and I stuck my finger inside the rails, and they are as clean on the inside, as they are on the outside. I was ALL smiles, while inspecting the underside!
      Chryslerdude, Feb 24, 2019
    3. Lime Lite 70
      Thanks for your return, I've been working on my Cuda I just got it all apart again and having it repainted. I am working with my painter and we are block sanding down the single stage Lacquer put on in 94 when I did the body work . I'll post pic in my garage as I progress working to have it painted in two to three weeks. Good luck with your seats and hood.
      Lime Lite 70, Feb 27, 2019
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  4. 70SunFun
    You're right, timing is everything but sometimes one has to buy a rare car in good shape when THEY come up for sale. Nice ride!
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  5. 340challconvert
    Just a point about hoods I noticed in your posting
    The J54 sport hood was a "raisin bran" two scoop "cuda style" hood.
    The fresh air hood would have been coded N96 (shaker) in 69-71 cars
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    1. Chryslerdude
      Thnx man.. Yet another thing to rectify..! I don't dare to speculate about how somebody managed to loose a dual scoop hood, not to mention subsequently replacing it with a flat one!
      Chryslerdude, Jan 3, 2019
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  6. Chryslerdude
    About the seat fabric.. I went out, and took a good look, and stitches still look VERY original to me! I didn't see any row of "old needle holes" anywhere along the edge if the seam, so either some upholstry-guy had me fooled again, or... could there be a chance, that these are original? I checked the fender tag, which just says "5 = Cloth and Vinyl Bucket Seats".

    Also noticed, that the hood code is "J54 Sports hood 70-1".. but mine is flat. Anyone knows which hood this is..? When I Google the J54 option, I get MORE shaker hoods, then I get the "Dual Scoop" hood. Also, I found a Cuda, which apparently has BOTH the J54 and N96 codes.. LINK - But does anyone know what hood mine came with, from the fender tag information below. Also seems, that "L34" (Fog lights?), is now gone missing in action..

    Code - Description
    E61 - 383-2 Barrel
    D32 - H-D A-727 TorqueFlite Trans / Some Years A-998
    BP23 - B = Plymouth Barracuda / P = Premium / 23 = 2 Door Hardtop
    L0E - L = 383 290HP 1-2BBL 8 CYL / 0 = 1970 / E = Los Angeles, CA, USA
    FY4 - Paint Code: Light Gold Metallic / Citron Mist Irid
    P5X9 - Trim Grade/Style/Color - P = Premium / 5 = Cloth and Vinyl Bucket Seats / X9 = Black
    000 - Upper Door Frame: Full Door Panel
    A31 - Date Built: 10 / 31 / 1969
    073972 - Order Number
    V1X - Roof Type OR Color: Full Vinyl Top - Black
    B51 - Power Assisted Brakes
    C55 - Bucket Seats
    C16 - Console w/ Buckets
    C26 - Over Head Roof Consolette
    C55 - Bucket Seats
    J54 - Sport Hood 70-1
    L34 - Road Lamps 70-1 'Cuda
    M21 - Roof Drip Rail Moldings
    M25 - Wide Sill Molding
    N95 - Nox Exhaust Emission Control
    R11 - Music Master Radio AM
    N41 - Duel Exhaust w/o Tips
    N42 - Chrome Duel Exhaust Tips
    R11 - Music Master Radio AM
    R31 - Duel Rear Speaker w/ R85
    Y05 - Built to U.S. Specifictations
    26 - 26 in. Radiator
    EN1 - End of Codes Assembly Line 1
  7. 340challconvert
  8. aussiemark
    Very nice, what's happening with the ralley wheel centre caps? in the first photo it has the correct ones and all the other photos it has 72-74 style centre caps.
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    1. View previous replies...
    2. Chryslerdude
      I'm not sure what happened, but they DID "turn 72-74" somewhere in between those two pictures. I will ask the previous owner, if he knows.. as he was the only other Danish owner.. and the car had a Danish license plate in that pic too = Wheels are in Denmark! Prev owner had some 20" Foose wheels on it, which I didn't like very much (at all), so they were excluded from our deal. However, I do have a brand new set of Ralley centers on a shelf...
      Chryslerdude, Dec 31, 2018
    3. Chryslerdude
      When I bought my 68' Charger, it came with "American Racing Outlaw's", but I ordered a set of the 17" inch "Ralley alu-repros" for it with Ralley centers. When they arrived, I thought it looked wrong with them particular centers, on that particular car.. sort of "to new", for a 68' car , (which is kind of silly, as the alloy wheels should do so too), but either way, I never put them on, and I think these are identical with the original ones?
      Chryslerdude, Dec 31, 2018
    4. Chryslerdude
      If not, I also have set of original steel ralley wheels (with Ralley centers.. three original US made , and one that says "made in China :-D ). These were on my very first US car, 69' 300 vert, which I bought it in 2003. I didn't like the Ralleys much on the C-Body, so got a set of Hurst 300 wheels for it instead. In either case, this issue will be rectified... when summer comes! Preferably with the "ORIGINAL TO THE CAR wheels", if I can track them down..
      Chryslerdude, Dec 31, 2018
  9. 340challconvert
    Specific to the bumpers, the factory never painted direct to metal bumpers. They were coated in "elastomeric" rubber, then painted.
    The front only bumper would have been coded A21. Back and front A22.
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    1. Chryslerdude
      Thnx man.. so this car would have had chrome bumpers from the factory..! One more thing to rectify! ;-)
      Chryslerdude, Dec 31, 2018
  10. 340challconvert
    That is one nice Gran Coupe.
    Looks like an original 70 cloth and vinyl interior (courtesty of hamtramck historical)
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    1. Chryslerdude
      Thank you very much, but I am pretty sure that this pattern is "hounds teeth / tooth". Mine is more like.. in lack of the right name; "velour shaved in a pattern".. I am beginning to think, that mine might not be original after all.. although they look pretty original to me.. IF it turnes out to be a repair job, they sure fooled me.. ;-)
      Chryslerdude, Dec 31, 2018
    2. aussiemark
      I like the fact they've left the body side protection mouldings alone, my car is supposed to have them but they are missing and I have never seen original or reproduction ones for sale they must be one of the rarest parts to find if you need them.
      aussiemark, Jan 2, 2019
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    3. Chryslerdude
      Thnx Mark!
      They are staying.. Nearly everybody has commented the opposite.. ranging between that they are "nasty, and need to go", to "completely ruining the car".. :-D
      Chryslerdude, Jan 2, 2019