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1972 Barracuda drag-car.

  • GPS 2018 cuda facing lake.jpg This is my 1972 Barracuda drag-car. It was delivered to Dave Wren of Super-stock fame, in the Pacific N.W. It was delivered as a "body in white"[complete bare sheet-metal], in August of 1971, to be raced as a small-block S/S car. Dave raced it in SS/J-K. The car has had about 4-5 owners....with the person I bought it from owning it for 3+ decades. It was stripped to bare-metal in 2006 and painted Viper yellow. It received an updated 4-link rear suspension and other smaller updates, in 2015-16. It is currently still a legal SS/J-KA... and will run under index, with a 360 that was initially built 20 years ago. It's just been freshened-up twice. I'm detailing and changing small things to my taste, and level of detail. I'll also be racing this car as much as possible. After all....that's what it's done since 1971.
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  1. bobgarrison43
  2. Fishgutz
    Very nice hot rod, more photos please. Love to see it blast down the 1320, Do you ever race in Northern California?
  3. HITTER23
    More pics!!!
  4. hofilbert
    Cool Car! I like it, with a good story too.