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1972 Cuda Restoration

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  1. Douglas Markel
    Brought the car home this week and this is the first time the wife has seen her car since it left the shop for paint, She's pretty happy with the color I picked out and with me (Haha). I have 13 months to get it back on the road so when she retires it will be complete.
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  2. Douglas Markel
    We have color!!!! The car is all wet sanded and ready for buffing. We'll paint the tail panel black and she'll be ready for re-assembly! I want to Thank Tony and Joe at Mr. Bricks Restoration for a great job on the paint. These guys are wonderful to work with!
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  3. Stan Pleskunas
    Good luck! Are you doing coilers? If so, suggestion on the manufacturer? Asking since I am in the process of restoring a '73 Barracuda that I've owned since I was 16....
    1. Douglas Markel
      Going back stock with A-Arms and shocks. I'm not modifying anything on the cars except wheels and headers.
      Douglas Markel, Dec 30, 2018
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